That's right, we're now aDoddle!

From Ododow to aDoddle

Why Did We Change Our Name?

After lots of feedback, from lots of people, saying that they didn't know how to pronounce ‘Ododow’ & therefore they didn’t really talk about it as they didn’t want to feel silly if they got it wrong - we knew we needed to change it. But what to?

About 2 years ago a national celebrity invited our founder, Jaki, to his home and during their meeting he suggested the name 'aDoddle' - we loved it and knew we wanted to make the change.

It has taken us a while, but with research, feedback and the fact that we are a small organisation with limited funds (we are sure you will understand this) we couldn't afford the professional fees to get the Trademark straight away.

So, our founder, Jaki, learnt how to do it. She spent hours doing research and on calls with the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) and an IPO specialist, who were all incredibly helpful - Thank you. Then once Jaki had saved some money she put in the application. Success - It was successfully legally registered on 19th October 2018.

By working together we can now make it:

aDoddle to find help and support

aDoddle to find amazing organisations to volunteer for

aDoddle to get connected with others in your community

aDoddle for charities, community projects/groups to connect, share, collaborate

aDoddle for businesses to find charities to support

and so much more …

Creating a National Resource for Use at a Local Level - Connecting Communities One Click at a Time