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"Custom-made equipment to help disabled people live more independent lives."

Who We Help, Why We Help & the Difference It Makes

Remap is a national charity that works through local groups of skilled volunteers. We help disabled people achieve independence and a better quality of life by designing and making equipment for their individual needs. This tailor made equipment helps people to carry out essential daily tasks without having to ask for help, or helps them take part in leisure occupations or sports that would otherwise be impossible.

Our focus at Remap is to give people independence because we know how important this is. Many people have an impairment of some sort. But your life changes if you have to rely on others all the time. By making a piece of equipment specifically for an individual, tailored to their needs, we can often help them become that bit more independent.

We are pleased to give people our equipment free of charge. All our running costs are covered by donations and support from charities, and our volunteers give their time for free. We do not means test. Our only requirement is that there is nothing on the market which would be suitable. 

Our Services Are

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To get help from Remap, please send us an email or give us a ring. You can contact us directly, or a friend, family member or health professional can contact us on your behalf. We'll put you in touch with one of our friendly local volunteers, who will talk through your needs and explore possible solutions with you. 

The next step is that one of our volunteers will come and visit you to start the design process. We like to consult you at all stages to make sure that the finished item will be perfect for you. To do this, we might need to make several visits in order to test prototypes and make fine adjustments. If you already work with an occupational therapist or other health professional, we're happy to collaborate with them too. 

The final piece of equipment will be supplied free of charge. We will show you how to use it and leave written instructions. Our volunteers will also take care of the ongoing maintenance of your item and will be on hand to help if you experience any problems. 

Additional Information

All our volunteers are home-based and work at a time and place which suits them. This group therefore has no single address and our map point is not exact. Our opening hours are likewise variable and you may find that the team are happy to arrange calls and visits outside of these times. 

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