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Charity (no. 1101204)

Timebanking UK

"Provide advice, training & resources to engage people in practical support networks in the community"

Who We Help, Why We Help & the Difference It Makes

About Timebanking:

Timebanking is a way of spending one hour of time helping someone out by, for example, mowing someone’s lawn, or doing their shopping. For every hour spent, you earn an hour in return. This can be spent on receiving an hour of someone else’s time or, where available, things like theatre or cinema tickets.  You could learn something new or share a skill you have like cooking or playing a musical instrument.

No money is exchanged. If, however, your request does require money such as a lift in a car you would be expected to offer reasonable petrol money to the driver.

Everyone’s time is valued equally; one hour of sharing skills or helping others is recognised by giving that person one hour as a time credit – a community loyalty point.

Timebanking is not the same as volunteering. It is less formal with people being able to give and receive time doing things they enjoy, when they want to. It is a 2-way process of giving time and receiving time.

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We believe that every person in society is of value no matter what their age or ability.  Everyone has knowledge and experience and every person has the ability to help someone in their community

 Who can do it? Let’s answer this question by asking six more!

  1. Would we have an unstoppable force with which to solve most of our social problems if people pooled their knowledge, skills and energy?
  2. Is asking for a favour from others is easier when you know you will have a chance to pay them back?
  3. Is it OK to give time back to people when they co-operate and do things for each other?
  4. Do you feel safer and more secure with people around you can trust?
  5. Do you want to widen your circle of friends and acquaintances, increasing the opportunities you have so as to improve the quality of your life?
  6. Do you want to keep the planet in a good enough state to be of use to future generations?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to most of these questions, timebanking is for you!

 Where, and when can it be done?

The short answer is anywhere, and anytime! It depends on the offers and the requests, and it may be that some are not feasible for a range of reasons, but timebanking works best within a local community, where improving the lives of those within it is a common goal.

Additional Information

Strengthening Community:

Timebanking builds social networks of people who give and receive support from each other, enabling people from different backgrounds, who may not otherwise meet, to come together and form connections and friendships. Generating social capital in this way can be an important determinant of health, wellbeing and resilience, all of which can prevent needs arising. Examples include ensuring older people receive nutritional food and are able to eat regularly, and providing a ‘circle of support’ for young people in keeping them out of trouble.

In addition, this is a highly effective community development tool, empowering individuals and groups to bring about change, make choices and take control of their own lives and neighbourhoods.

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