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Chester Humanists

"To help build inclusive honest secular communities where life is valued, supported and enriched"

Who We Help, Why We Help & the Difference It Makes

As Humanists we recognise that (as far as anyone knows) we only have one life and believe that we should live it in the best way we can and try and help others do the same.

We provide information about secular Humanist perspectives on life and discuss anything pertaining to life and how we can approach it - this really helps some people deal with things and to continue to develop their own personal understanding of life and place in the world.  

We also provide a sense of friendship and community for non-religious people with regular meet ups, talks and involvement in community projects. Our Celebrant and Pastoral Support services can provide some help at crucial times - to help deal with issues or to celebrate stages in life. 


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Our local group which is a branch of Humanists UK provides opportunities for like-minded people to meet and enjoy discussions, talks, outings etc and to engage in community projects. 

We also provide a number of community services - some such as talks etc are free of charge and others are charged.

Our community services include free speakers for schools and clubs delivering presentations on Humanism and Humanist perspectives including engaging in discussions and debate. We have people trained to provide pastoral support and our Celebrants can offer superb meaningful ceremonies for Namings, Weddings and Funerals.    

We are also actively involved in a number of community projects and always looking for ways to build connections with other groups. 

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