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Charity (no. 1178849)


"We are a charity who aspire to enrich the lives of our vulnerable community who are struggling."

Who We Help, Why We Help & the Difference It Makes

Inner City Life is a charity who aspire to enrich the lives of our vulnerable community who are struggling due to homelessness, unemployment, mental health, domestic violence, disabilities, limited leave to remain, addiction and ex-services. Our local focus enables us to provide a personalised, friendly support service where we can assist citizens with life skills, enabling them to secure employment that they are happy in and to feel confident in the community they live in. 

Our Services Are

Donation Appreciated

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·      Finance and Benefits Advice and Support

·      National Insurance Application

·      Helping open Bank Account

·      Employment Advice and Support

·      Education and Training Courses, Advice and Assistance

·      Support in accessing Health Services (GP’s , NHS, Dentists)

·      Cultural and Social Integration Advice

·      Legal and Immigration Advice

·      Permanent Accommodation advice and assistance

·      Form filling

·      Clothes Bank

·      Food parcels direct to your supported accommodation from Selma Food Bank

Additional Information

Innercitylife was established in April 2017to  assist  the homeless and needy people with housings , doctors, benefits, general wellbeing, providing sleeping bags and support them.

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