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Charity (no. 1178136)

Giving Back Crawley

"We are a small local charity that serves the homeless community in Crawley West Sussex."

Who We Help, Why We Help & the Difference It Makes

We are a small local charity that serves the homeless community. We operate in Crawley, West Sussex and we are entirely run by volunteers. Our primary focus is rough sleepers/street homeless, closely followed by temporarily housed and hidden homeless. We serve our guests a free hot meal and give them some of the essential items they need to get by. We regularly have paramedics attending to give advice and carry out basic health checks. Another incredibly important aspect is taking the time to talk to them and reducing the social isolation they endure. We give them respect and compassion, friendship and hope, no matter what their circumstances may be or what problems they may have, they are always welcomed at Giving Back Crawley.
We are a registered charity, number 1178136 and our official charitable objects are;
For the public benefit, to relieve the effects of poverty in the Crawley area, in particular, but not exclusively amongst those who are homeless by supplying them with food, goods and services.

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We provide a free hot meal 4 nights a week and a free cold meal on the other 3 nights. We operate 365 days a year. More information is available on our website.

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