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Charity (no. 1149379)

Minerva Arts: Chester Seniors Youth Theatre

"Weekly youth theatre for young people aged 11-18. Fun, creativity, confidence and friends!"

Who We Help, Why We Help & the Difference It Makes

Chester Seniors Youth Theatre is based in Kingsway, Chester at the University of Chester's creative campus. This group has been running under Minerva Arts since 2011 but actually was in existence far easier than that as the last remaining group from Chester's successful and pioneering Gateway Youth Theatre. 

We work with young people aged 11-18 in this group (but have plenty of others for younger children if you check the website). Our group stays small and perfectly formed and focusses on devised theatre, this means that our young people get to create their own performances based around things that are important to them. Over the pat few years we have created pieces of work focussing on female empowerment, LGBT+ issues and climate change. 

Our young people don't just develop performance skills, the develop skills for life; confidence, self-esteem, the ability to assert themselves and commit to projects and all-important resilience. 

Our Services Are

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What We Do

Young people who are looking for a creative outlet can come to us directly, equally if you are a parent of a creative child who is looking for a way to express themselves, give us a shout. 

Most of our Youth Theatre members are not conventional 'extroverts'- you don't need to be larger than life to create performance, our group helps build your confidence so if you're shy and struggling a bit with making friends, get in touch! 

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If you're over 18 and interested in supporting young people to create amazing performance and find their confidence, get in touch and we can find you a volunteering role. We always need help in supporting weekly sessions, marketing and recruiting, working on props, costume and stage management, design etc. If you want to get involved, then we will always try and find you a place. 

Connect with Minerva Arts: Chester Seniors Youth Theatre today to find out more

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