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Across the UK there are over 150k charities and even more community groups, projects & organisations that provide critical support, places to connect with others & opportunities to volunteer. Yet, believe it or not, there is no central hub that brings this information together. This means that often it’s easier to find a restaurant on Google Maps than it is to find help and support.

The team at If Everyone Cares CIC decided it was time to change this and have been working on creating & are now working on launching a network of connected area-based community maps. 

Creating a national resource that brings together charities & community organisations in one place. Free for organisations to create a profile, giving people easy access to information and tools to connect with vital support & resources locally. aDoddle and Community Maps will:

  • Pin-point local charities, community projects/groups & resources  
  • Connect those who need help to those who provide it
  • Clearly show when a profile was last updated through their unique ‘Traffic Light’ system
  • Help anyone experiencing isolation to find local groups so they can connect with others
  • Signpost people who want to help – to projects that need their support
  • Facilitate stronger, more resilient communities
  • Make it ‘aDoddle’ to find, connect, give, collaborate and support – FREE to use 24/7

Connected Area-Based Community Maps are not perfect yet. Their development is a work in progress and their launch has been ‘fast-tracked’ due to Covid-19. They are designed to be improved as we gather & listen to feedback. Our aim is for Community Maps to continually react to user, community and cross county need. Sometimes changes are made instantly, at other times we add them to our goals and cycle of bigger updates.

Disconnected Communities could be costing the UK £32 Billion annually*. At present information is stored in multiple places, in a variety of formats and is often hard to navigate. It is based on things like: local authority areas; specific niches such as homelessness, suicide prevention and isolation; it is rarely connected to other sources and is often out of date, resource heavy to keep relevant & accurate.

A brief history of aDoddle

  1. Two life changing events prompted our founder Jaki to research the benefits and solutions for people being able to Find help whenever they need it most. ‘If Everyone Cares’ was ‘born’. (Now If Everyone Cares CIC)

  2. Idea for creating the map was voted 3rd by the public in the Global Sir Richard Branson & Virgin Unite’s challenge to ‘Screw Business as Usual’

  3. Two failed attempts at building the online map. Both got within days of launching – it was a ‘testing’ time.

  4. Named as a ‘Start-up’ to watch at Europe’s largest tech event in Dublin

  5. December – If Everyone Cares was setup as a Community Interest Company

  6. Launched the Beta of – One Day – One Deed – One World (now

  7. Named on the UK’s Digital Leaders 100 List for potential Social Impact

  8. First 200 organisations on the map

  9. Developed 1st/test stage of ability to create collaborative maps based on areas, niches, etc. Connected to aDoddle main map.

  10. 500 organisations on the map

  11. Award from the Prime Minister

  12. Major upgrade. All organisations now are able to personalise profile pages

  13. Successful Trademark & official rebrand to

    Loo for - Tagline: Find Help, Give Help and Connect Locally

  14. 1000 organisations on

  15. Southern Enterprise Award: Best Community Charity Mapping Resource UK

  16. Concentrating on developing area based community maps, partnerships and increasing number of charities on

  17. Major upgrade: all profile pages are now like mini ‘websites’

  18. Decision taken, due to Covid-19, to ‘fast track’ development and launch of area-based maps

  19. 42 area-maps launched