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Keynsham Kindness Festival

"Connecting Keynsham through Kindness : Making Kind Keynsham the kind of place to be"

Who We Help, Why We Help & the Difference It Makes

We aim to help people living and working in and around Keynsham and Saltford to connect with each other to help build and sustain a vibrant cohesive community where everyone feels they belong and matter.

In particular we are trying to spread kindness which we feel underpins so much that is important in our society and helps to combat the climate of fear and negativity so prevalent these days. What we do best is to connect people whether as individuals or organisations to help them become more effective in what they are doing that matters to them.

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What We Do

After our first Kindness Day in April 2017, and a smaller event in November 2017, we have decided on a wider event, lasting through 10 days leading up to International Kindness Day on 13th November 2018.

Keynsham Kindness Festival,  in a similar model to Bristol Food Connections, aims to be lots of little events in various venues over a number of days between 3rd & 13th November (which is International Kindness Day). In this way, no single organisation will need to commit either significant time or money and each can choose how they would like to contribute, loosely based on the overall theme which is about how kindness affects wellbeing, using the 5 Ways to Wellbeing (devised originally by the New Economics Foundation and used a lot by various organisations) as a basis for a wide range of activities. 

The 5 ways are 

  • Connect, 
  • Be Active, 
  • Keep Learning, 
  • Take Notice, and 
  • Give.

We have a wide range of free activities across Keynsham and beyond. If you can't get to any of them, don't worry, you can still join in by sharing any kindness stories you have on social medial using #kindness_connects. 

Throughout the Festival look for YELLOW (our #kindness colour) throughout #Keynsham

You can see our daily programme of events here

Keep an eye on our KAN Twitter feed @keynshamaction and Kind Keynsham facebook page for full details!

We hope to encourage people, whether as individuals or part of an organisation, to take part, this can be something very quick and simple, fitting in with your current activities, as we firmly believe kind acts should be free and easy to do. We really want to reach as many local people as possible in all age ranges , through a variety of kindness related goings on that will hopefully mean there is something for everyone. As with our previous event, this will mean we'll look at ways of being kind not only to people but also to animals and our environment. 

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Spread the Word

We really hope everyone will want to be involved in this exciting event. We think Keynsham is already a very kind place and we want to celebrate that and spread our kindness message as far as possible!

Any ideas you have to do acts of kindness, whether contributing directly to the Festival or doing something wherever you are, please let us know!

Use our registered hashtag #kindness_connects on social media to add your kindness story (you can upload photos/videos etc.) to our Crowdmap to spread kindness far & wide! A little kindness goes a long way!

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Connect with Keynsham Kindness Festival today to find out more

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Additional Info


The dance element of the festival was inspired by Life Vest Inside's Dance for Kindness which takes place across the globe every year on 11th November. (See .

Unfortunately, we felt this wasn't appropriate for us here in Keynsham because of the Remembrance Sunday commemorations. However, we're delighted that local dance schools have contributed some great events during the 10 days of the Kindness Festival.

Keyford Dancing School will also be doing a dance show at Broadlands Academy Friday 9th November  with a theme about the Armistice : The Dancing Year and the Remembrance. 

There will also be a great chance to join in a T-jive around the town on Tuesday 6th November as part of the programme of events.

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