Charity (no. 1109442)

The Abbey Community Association

"Bringing together local people & organisations to address community needs in south Westminster."

Who We Help, Why We Help & the Difference It Makes

The Abbey Community Association is a charity established in 1948, which supports the communities of south Westminster to improve their quality of life. 

The south of Westminster is characterised by households living in concentrated areas of acute deprivation in close proximity to some of the wealthiest households in the UK. This diversity presents unique challenges for our communities, expressed in perceptions of low community cohesion and access to affordable food, services and housing.

Our charity has a unique role in south Westminster as a comprehensive service provider and community facilitator. There is no comparable local organisation providing such a diverse range of services in the area. We support local community action through provision of facilities, development and promotion of activities, sharing of information and provision of networking opportunities to local groups and organisations.

We work in partnership with organisations that share our ethics, values and passion for social justice to promote improved health and wellbeing for local vulnerable residents and families; and to increase inter-community and generational understanding and connections.

The charity has been based in and manages the Abbey Centre since 1991, located in the heart of historic Westminster, as a vibrant community hub buzzing with diverse activities and services. The Centre’s five-storey building is managed as a social enterprise, providing conference and training venues to corporate clients, with a friendly in-house café and catering service to generate funds to support our charitable work.

Our Services Are

Free Low Cost Subsidised Charged Donation Appreciated

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What We Do

The Abbey Community Association is a charity established to support the communities of south Westminster, central London, to improve their quality of life.

We offer a wide range of activities and courses to help address the needs of local people, improving health and wellbeing and community cohesion. These include exercise and dance classes, training and employment support, arts and social activities, and more.

We also provide various volunteering opportunities to support people into employment and work in partnership with organisations, that share our values, to promote improved health and wellbeing for local residents and families.

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Volunteering at the Abbey Centre

Give some of your time to a good cause, while you gain new skills and meet new people! Volunteering connects you to others, is good for your mind and body, and can bring fun and fulfilment to your life.

Volunteering is open to anyone: students, working, retired or anyone seeking to improve their confidence and skills as a way back into paid employment. We will work with you to develop your skills and interests. We also offer corporate social responsibility days for organisations.

Travel expenses will be paid where appropriate. Hot drinks will be provided, as well as free meals for those volunteering a full day, while our cafe is open.

We also partner with volunteer reward schemes so we can offer discounts and other bonuses to thank you for your time.

It doesn’t matter how much or how little time you have to offer. Even a few hours, when you can spare the time, would help!

Read more about volunteering at the Abbey Centre

Connect with The Abbey Community Association today to find out more

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Connect with The Abbey Community Association today to find out more

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Additional Info

To find out more about our current activities, please visit our website here, or go to our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages.

Connect with The Abbey Community Association today to find out more

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