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Rising Moments

"Supporting women and their families who have been effected by abuse in and around Torbay"

Who We Help, Why We Help & the Difference It Makes

We are here to help and support women and their families, in and around Torbay, who have been effected by abuse.

The group is very much about finding yourself, and here at Rising Moments we are all about celebrating you, we encourage, support, care, and understand the journey you''re on even though everyone has a different story,.

We are here if you wish to share your story, but this is a very much a stepping stone to finding you...

"Rising, Caring,Trusting,Understanding and Celebrating You

One Day at a Time"

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What We Do

From our own personal experiences we understand how abuse can leave you feeling. You probably haven’t had time to feel good about yourself and valuable for quite a while - well we want to help to change that by supporting you in a number of ways

Our free, I Feel Good Boxes 

These boxes are all about showing you that someone cares for you and we want to help you to have some time for YOU. They are full of things that make us ladies feel good : bubble bath, chocolates, a magazine or book and essentials - a range of comforts and essentials which are ideal for ladies who are fleeing violence, are at a refuge, victims of any abuse crime, in a B&B and awaiting rehousing and have nothing...or just want to reach out to someone. 

We have boxes for children too (all the items are subject to what we can get donated or given by supporters). 

We also now have a large selection of clothing essentials for new born to teenagers to women.

We are a signpost for other support and supporting other community projects within Torbay. ​So if you feel you are in need of something like this or you know of someone who is going through this, then please send us a message and we can help them to feel that they are not alone.

Meditation and Well- being Groups 

We are looking at creating our own meditation and well being groups for a hour or 2 of just relaxing and being with people on the same journey. It will help you to find yourself. Contact us if you are interested.

Feel like being creative ? Join our Family Craft Days 

This is a family work shop for mums and children to get creative, whether your thing is painting, drawing, sewing knitting or learning a new craft, like our patchwork bear workshops. If you are interested then please get in touch to find out more.

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We are hoping to create woman's groups and family groups.

We are looking at setting up a number of programmes to support those that are not ready to mix, to those that are, to creating memories for birthdays with the family and creating friendships. 
If you want to know more then please get in touch.  

Donate Items 

If you would like to donate items for our I Feel Good Boxes or good quality clothing for babies , children or women please let us know.


This is a Non- profit community project but to enable the group to carry on we do need to do Fun-day's, raffles, jumble sales, auctions etc to keep it going ... so if anyone would like to help with donations or support us in anyway, then please get in touch .

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