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Charity (no. SC043877)

Dads Rock - Dads in the Wood - Edinburgh

"Free outdoor playgroup for Dads & kids (aged 0-8)"

Who We Help, Why We Help & the Difference It Makes

Dads in the Wood

We have great outdoor playgroups for Dads and their children to get involved with. These sessions run outdoors on a Saturday morning from 10am, we create fun for dads and children to get involved in. Dads in the Wood is open to children aged 0-8 years old. Our sessions are free and open to all Dads and Children. We have COVID-19 safe practices in place.

We also meet in Glasgow so check our calendar for more information.

Our Services Are

Free Donation Appreciated

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What We Do

Dads Rock offers practical family support to Dads/carers, children and families throughout Edinburgh, to ensure they have the strongest relationships they can. We want Dads confidence to increase so children have better care and relationships with their fathers. We help Dads understand how important their support is to both mum and baby and support young dads in learning to become a good parent. We do this through various services (Please click on the green links for further details)

Playgroups and Dads in the Wood

Our playgroups are special. They are places where Dads can learn from each other, build confidence, spend quality time with their children and have fun. We play together, make friends, draw, read stories, generally mess about and have a great time. We have robust COVID-19 safe practices in place.To check which playgroups are on/off this weekend, and what events we have planned in the near future have a look at our 'Calendar'.

Parenting Workshops

We run a range of parenting workshops to help support Dads and Mums. Currently offering: AntenatalFeedingFirst AidHairstyle and Sleep workshops. Our workshops are delivered both face to face and online. They are open to all.

Young Dads

There are over 1000 Young Dads (aged 16-25) in Edinburgh yet we are one of only two organisations that directly support this group. Our aim is to give the young men the skills and confidence to enjoy the experience of being a father. Each young man has different skills and needs. Our Young Dads program is a 1:1 service tailored to the individual. First we get to know the man and his situation, then develop a program with them to build their confidence and range of skills. Some of the support package is direct from Dads Rock, other aspects may be provided by external organisations with specific expertise.

PS Dads Rock

It's a national service to support Dads in the Perinatal stage who feel their mental health could be better (Perinatal is from when you first learn you are going to be a Dad and up to your babies first birthday).

Matching Dads with highly-trained peer support volunteers, who are more experienced Dads, to give emotional support during this life changing time. 

Click here to find out more, or to volunteer as a perinatal peer support volunteer

Dad's Stuff

Being a Dad can be brilliant, from time to time we all need somewhere to go for ideas of things to do with our children, so we thought it would help to collate info on some of our favourites to help you out. (Of course you can also come to our playgroups!)

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Thanks for your interest in Dads Rock we would be delighted for you to help us out in some way!


There are several ways we need volunteers to help us…

  • Perinatal Peer Support Volunteers - If you’re a great listener and have a few spare hours each week, we’d love to hear from you. You don’t need to have experienced poor mental health to be able to help. Find out more about being a Perinatal peer support volunteer.
  • Help at events  – sign up as Kilties at Edinburgh Kiltwalk (nominate Dads Rock and we will receive £1.40 for every hour given), help out at our bag packing events at local supermarkets, Halloween and Christmas parties
  • Assistance with playgroups, run an art activity or game, preparing snacks, take photos for marketing, etc. (Saturdays and Sundays)
  • Skills sessions for young dads – eg budgeting (evening or weekend)
  • Sorting and refurbishing play equipment and toys (any time)
  • Marketing support – SEO, Blog advice, etc (any time)
  • Strategic support – planning, administration, finance (any time)
  • Google forms help (any time)

Please let me know if any of the above appeal to you all. [email protected] 


Thank you for wanting to fundraise for us! Please get in touch by emailing your details and proposal for fundraising in more detail to [email protected] . We can help you co-ordinate your activity with our own and help you set up a personal fundraising site on our Just Giving page.

Charity of the Year

This partnership is an excellent way to support the work we do, whilst giving your teams a chance to raise vital funds for us, and learn more about the importance of Dads.  You will have a main contact, and we will work with you to create a bespoke package for your company.  

Gifts in Kind

You can support Dads Rock with gifts of equipment, materials, time and space.  Our playgroups make use of a lot of toys and equipment throughout the year, it could be as simple as extra paper, children's paint or pencils to draw with. 

Connect with Dads Rock - Dads in the Wood - Edinburgh today to find out more

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Connect with Dads Rock - Dads in the Wood - Edinburgh today to find out more

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Additional Info

Connect with Dads Rock - Dads in the Wood - Edinburgh today to find out more

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