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Tax Help for Older People

"Providing help and support to older people on a low income when dealing with tax issues and HMRC"

Who We Help, Why We Help & the Difference It Makes

Tax Help for Older People provides free, confidential and professional tax advice to Older People (60+ or approaching retirement) who are unable to afford paid tax help.

Any personal income tax problem can be dealt with. Examples:

  • Checking PAYE notice of coding
  • Completing tax forms
  • Checking tax calculations
  • Replying to letters from HMRC
  • Transferring Marriage Allowance 

Our volunteers are all tax professionals who are giving their time and skills to Tax Help for free. They act totally independently of both HMRC and the firms they work for and provide a confidential service. All our tax advisors provide a caring, friendly service that is jargon-free and tailored to an individual client’s needs.

Our volunteers are available to provide free face to face personal income tax advice for pensioners across the UK, although initial contact will be with our team of tax advisers in Dorset. 

Whatever the problem, we will work with you until it resolves the tax issue to your satisfaction, and you are always free to call us again if further tax issues arise.


Our Services Are


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What We Do

If you are wondering:

  • if you’re due a refund
  • if the tax you have paid is correct
  • if your tax codes are correct
  • why HMRC have sent you an underpayment notice
  • what the letter from HMRC means
  • whether you are completing the correct forms
  • how to file a Tax Return on line and/or set up a Personal Tax Account
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As a TaxAid Volunteer, you will join a community of qualified tax professionals who use their valuable expertise and knowledge to support people who cannot afford professional tax advice in the UK.

We operate across the UK from our office based near Bridport in Dorset, assisted by a team of staff along with a national network of 320 tax volunteers across the UK. These volunteers give their time and expertise free of charge because they recognise how difficult the tax system can be for older people who can’t afford professional advice, and they want to use their skills to benefit the community; most of them are currently practising or retired tax professionals, including retired HM Revenue and Customs staff.

Our Volunteers – How it works in Practice

We understand it can sometimes seem a bit overwhelming knowing where to start your volunteer journey. We will ask you about your skills and experiences, and consider any limitations when deciding the right type of volunteer opportunity for you.

We welcome people from all walks of life; our aim is to support you in developing your knowledge and confidence to provide free, professional tax advice to all those who are in crisis or who cannot afford it.

Together, we will look at the reasons why you would like to volunteer; whether you are looking to take on a new challenge and learn new skills or simply just want to help; we want to make sure you get the most out of volunteering.

Volunteering with us is a deeply rewarding experience, not only for our beneficiaries; it builds your health, wellbeing, connection to others and gives you a wider purpose. We believe volunteering should only be a positive experience.

So, if you are a tax professional who thinks they might enjoy working with older people who are unable to afford to pay for the services of a tax adviser we will welcome you to the team. We are flexible in our approach, fully insured and willing to work around your availability. All we ask in return is that you treat our clients as you would your own.

Connect with Tax Help for Older People today to find out more

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Connect with Tax Help for Older People today to find out more

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Additional Info

Connect with Tax Help for Older People today to find out more

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