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Recovery Devon

"Supporting mental health Recovery and well-being"

Who We Help, Why We Help & the Difference It Makes

At Recovery Devon we believe that with the right support and help people with mental health issues can and do recover and live meaningful and purposeful lives of their own choosing. Since 2003 we have actively promoted this idea and sought to put recovery and wellbeing at the heart of mental health provision.

Recovery Devon doesn't have an office base and all staff work from home.

We aim to offer our support to groups and individuals across all of Devon (excluding Plymouth) although our two community development workers concentrate their work in South Devon and Exeter and surrounding areas.

Our Services Are

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What We Do

For Individuals

We encourage people who have experienced mental health challenges to join us through membership, events, online forums and more… as much or as little as they wish.


While we don’t directly offer support we have many resources and links to useful groups. Our creative cafe is filled with art exploring mental well-being. The support section has information for people in recovery, their families and friends.


There are poems, films, book reviews and other creations, all with their focus on Recovery. If you are creative yourself and would like to offer some work for our site, writing, art or photography, simply contact us.


We have a resource library that is aimed at offering guides, information and research materials for Recovery and other areas of mental health. We also have research papers and accounts from individuals which offer useful or unexpected perspectives.

For Organisations

We work with organisations across Devon at all levels, supporting them to work co-productively with people who have lived experience of mental health recovery.

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Join Recovery Devon

Anyone who supports and promotes Recovery is welcome to become a Member of Recovery Devon. There is no membership fee, although donations are always welcome.

Membership is a sign of your commitment to Recovery. It also brings a number of benefits relating to your involvement with Recovery Devon.


Staffed mainly by volunteers, Recovery Devon relies upon funding and goodwill. We are a non-profit and every penny we get goes to helping us promote Recovery, improve services, enable greater access to support and celebrate the achievements of people who face mental health challenges.

We are passionate about enabling people with lived experience of recovery to have a real influence on our direction and activities – and a meaningful voice in mental-health services for Devon.

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