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"Via peer support, we offer all Devon trauma survivors, a private and safe space to reach out & share"

Who We Help, Why We Help & the Difference It Makes

We support all adults residing in Devon that have suffered trauma, whether they have a professional trauma diagnosis or not.  

You may have lived through short or longstanding physical / emotional abuses, witnessed a tragedy, served in the military / emergency services, been involved in a car or medical accident, lost a loved one in traumatic circumstances, or endured slavery and hate crimes. These are not exhaustive examples.

Those with PTSD / C-PTSD fall through the gaps of mental health service provisions in Devon, so we offer 'peer-to-peer' support via our SAFE / PRIVATE / MEMBERS ONLY Facebook group (all our group admin are understanding and empathetic trauma survivors too)

From 9am - midnight, crisis support and signposting is also available via our private Facebook Messenger chat group too.

Our non-judgemental and kind friendship and support service 'holds' members safely, whilst they await necessary psychological assessment and therapy, so they no longer feel alone in their trauma pain.

We promote recovery, actively encourage member autonomy, and suggest many self-help techniques, including signposting to appropriate local mental health courses, and other supportive agencies.

We guide and support members towards recovery, via gaining and retaining hope, having an understanding of one's abilities and disabilities, engagement in active life, personal autonomy, and social identity.

Our Services Are

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What We Do

As we run a SAFE / CLOSED / MEMBERS ONLY group, this means all with us can privately reach out / ask for help and share, by way of posting a message to our group.  Members may post as themselves, or admin can post for them in an anonymous and nameless form on their behalf.

Once a message is posted to the group, admin and members offer comfort, support and share their own helpful experiences.  Admin may also signpost members to local mental health services in times of crisis, or offer specific local and national information for trauma survivors to access.

We have support and crisis information stored permanently in our group 'FILES' section for easy reference also.

Our admin have extensive experience working within the social care sector and nursing fields. We undertake mental heath training courses regularly also.

We hold monthly meet-ups across various Devon towns, for any members wishing to make local friends and have a light hearted chat over a coffee.  

Connect with PTSD & C-PTSD TRAUMA SURVIVORS DEVON today to find out more

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We often need part-time volunteer peer support helpers in our group (moderators) 

Any volunteers will need to be active members of our trauma group, and have lived through trauma themselves, so that they can connect with the pain, fears and anxiety we experience regularly.

Connect with PTSD & C-PTSD TRAUMA SURVIVORS DEVON today to find out more

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Additional Info

Our group joining criteria:-

When visiting our group home page, you can click around and see our group rules and ethos. This is the only publicly viewable info that can be accessed as a non member.

After clicking on 'JOIN GROUP' a few non-probing 'screening questions' will appear.  Please be sure to ANSWER THEM ALL, so that your application can be approved.

If you miss answering any screening questions, please return to our homepage where they will reappear for you.

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Kind regards 

Frankie Lowe and the admin team x

Connect with PTSD & C-PTSD TRAUMA SURVIVORS DEVON today to find out more

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