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4 Dementia Carers

"Supports unpaid dementia carers - workplace or community. Insightful workshops/Inspirational talks."

Who We Help, Why We Help & the Difference It Makes

4 Dementia Carers was created to support working Dementia Carers, whether former or current and no matter where the person with dementia resides. 

Dementia carers are at high risk to their own mental health and wellbeing, including suicide. They need information, understanding and support. Connecting to others in a similar situation allows sharing of issues and experience. Carers are experts by their experience. Helping someone else can help you too.

Face to face support at the right time is the most powerful medicine. 

"Now that the taboos  are gone I can talk about my dad to my colleagues and friends. I no longer feel isolated or alone. I hear what other people are going through and I think that if they can cope then so can I. I now realise that it is a normal situation to be in."

24.6 million people in the UK care for a person with dementia - about 40% of the population. Many are working and bringing up a family. Every workplace is likely to have staff impacted by dementia. In a large organisation this may have an invisible cost - to health and efficiency. You will not know who is impacted. They do not discuss it because they don't think you will understand, or they think that you may discriminate against them. By supporting these colleagues, the positive difference seen across the organisation can be significant. See my Met Office case study.  Employers have a duty of care to their employees and dementia carers are protected under the Equality Act, because of their connection to a person with dementia.  Return Of Investment is very significant.

Workshops can be tailored to suit the group or organisation. Read feedback from British Library here.

The Covid-19 lockdown has provided the opportunity for dementia carers who are located elsewhere to join our local group weekly online via Zoom. Distance is no longer a barrier, whilst shared experiences and support helps everyone involved. This has helped to reduce loneliness, especially for those who have to self-isolate. It is fun and informative and provides a social experience.   If you feel you would benefit from joining us then contact us to register. 

Dementia carers unable to connect in this way are being contacted during the lockdown via telephone. If local enough it can be a chat on their doorstep at a suitable distance! 

We have found that a half hour chat works wonders. 

Our Services Are

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What We Do


We provide workshops for organisations 

These will be tailored to the needs of the group. It can be for dementia carers (including former dementia carers), all carers, or aimed at management/line managers. It can be difficult for a line manager to know how to support a person who is  struggling with the impact of their caring role.

Workshops take place in work time, like training days. Providing brief respite from caring and work, they give the delegates information, understanding and coping tools. They also allow delegates to connect to others in a similar situation. 

Clubs or groups can have tailored workshops to suit their needs.

Network Group

Facilitating a network group in a community can support local carers. Awareness and understanding can also be beneficial to others who are active in the community. 

Local community support has been in the form of a monthly network group at St Pauls Church in Newton Abbot, open to anyone who can attend. St Paul's are not charging for the room and we do not therefore charge entrance. 


During the Covid-19 lockdown, we operate a weekly online Zoom meeting. Thursdays at 2pm. If you feel you would benefit from joining us then contact us to register and receive instructions for joining. After lockdown we may consider continuing a regular Zoom session, if there is demand from those located outside our local area.

We can provide an inspirational speaker, with content tailored to suit your group or event.

For upcoming events please visit our website

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If you know of a person who is really struggling with their caring role, especially if they are caring for a person with dementia, please get them to contact us. We will try to help if we can, but cannot contact them direct in the first instance.

If you think that people in your workplace would benefit from attending a workshop, please can you connect us so that we can discuss your needs. Contact us here.

If your group or club would like a speaker, contact us.

If you run a care home and would like a workshop for your staff, contact us

Are you able to fund (or subsidise) a workshop or speaker opportunity? There are many individuals, small groups or businesses unable to fully fund it themselves.

Do you have a venue which you could offer us free of charge for a workshop? This might help individuals or small businesses.

We are not looking for marketing or advertising expertise. 

If you would like to make a donation to help us with our running costs, please contact us

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