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Jennyruth Workshops

"Supporting adults who have learning disabilities in gaining independence, work and life skills."

Who We Help, Why We Help & the Difference It Makes

Jennyruth Workshops exists to meets the needs of adults who have learning disabilities (or Workers), enabling them to gain confidence and life skills through the design and production of a wide range of high quality hand-crafted items.

As well as working on all aspects of producing the products; from sourcing materials, joinery, painting, sewing, packaging, quality control, dispatch through to marketing and selling, our workers are trained in every day life skills such as meeting new people, gaining the ability to socialise, dealing with money and managing time.

The Workers feel a sense of belonging to the workshops and feel ownership of the products they make and sell, bringing them confidence and self belief.

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What We Do

Jennyruth Workshops is a vibrant productive workshop where adults who have learning disabilities design and make a range of handcrafted gifts and products.  Jennyruth workers are trained in a wide variety of skills to help develop self-awareness, pride, dignity and self-confidence and potential for participation and employment in their community.

All of our products are available to buy online, over the phone and by email. Many of our products are also available in local shop and garden centres.

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A dedicated team of around 40 volunteers help out on a regular basis and it is their generous support which makes the work of Jennyruth possible. Volunteers add a joy and warmth to the Workshops.

We offer a range of volunteering opportunities at Jennyruth Workshops. These include enabling and supporting our workers in:

  • educational courses including accredited courses

  • painting wooden gifts and products in the paintshop

  • cutting out wooden items, assembling habitat boxes and cold formed metal items in the scroll saw/assembly room

  • work experience and voluntary work outside of Jennyruth Workshops

  • making machine sewn items such as bags and cushions

  • running stalls at crafts fairs, shows, canteen sales and exhibitions

We also have volunteers who help with fundraising events.

We truly value the important contribution our volunteers make at Jennyruth Workshops and we endeavour to ensure their time is as enjoyable and rewarding as possible. We need volunteers to assist in the many and varied day-to-day activities essential to the continued success of Jennyruth Workshops. No experience is required but you must enjoy working as part of a team, supporting others and have patience. A good sense of humour helps too!

Our principles are that everyone who works here, our colleagues who have learning disabilities, volunteers and paid members of staff, are equally valued. What one person cannot do, another is able to do and we all work alongside each other to design products, pack and sell our goods as well as take part in learning and training opportunities.

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