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"Peer support for survivors of suicide attempts. Support provided by survivors, for survivors."

Who We Help, Why We Help & the Difference It Makes

MaaD is a suicide prevention project based on peer support; everyone involved in the project has survived attempts to kill themselves.  Surviving an attempt is traumatic and we demonstrate that this trauma is best managed with the support of other survivors.  Surviving is a constant struggle between the desire to live and the desire to die. By contacting the project, people demonstrate that there is a small part of them that still wants to live. We help and encourage people to connect with and nurture that part of them so that eventually it becomes stronger. We achieve this by validating the person’s feelings and experiences rather than telling them that they are wrong. Telling someone that their thoughts and feelings are wrong does not make them go away; it entrenches their self-loathing and increases the likelihood of a suicide attempt.

MaaD is based on three key principles. (1) People engaging with the project will always see or communicate with another survivor. (2) Support is provided in an inclusive way, on survivors’ terms (3) We provide practical advice and support in managing everyday tasks that people thought they would never have to do again.

People who have attempted suicide are thirty to forty times more likely to attempt again and succeed. We strongly believe that one of the most effective ways of minimising the number of deaths is to work with and support people who have already attempted, i.e., survivors.  MaaD’s service delivery model is based on this core, unmet need: that there is no dedicated support for people who have survived a suicide attempt and continue to face the trauma of surviving.

As survivors ourselves, we understand the self-destructive thought patterns and behaviours that precede an attempt. We are in a unique position to recognise and challenge these thoughts and behaviours where others who lack that experience may not be able to.

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What We Do

If you are a survivor of a suicide attempt, you are not alone.  Man about a Dog can help you to live with the trauma of surviving an attempt and to keep going, on your own terms.  

Our phone is never turned off and although we are not an emergency service, we will always respond as quickly as we can.  We have no referral system or waiting lists.  We can meet you face to face in our office at Stockport Progress and Recovery Centre or another location convenient for you, or we can communicate by text or Messenger, or speak with you on the phone.  

We can also support friends, family members or employers of survivors. You can ask us questions that you may feel you cannot ask the survivor themselves.

We can speak with other services, projects and organisations who may want to know more about what we do, why we do it and how we do it, to encourage an open and honest conversation about surviving an attempt.

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We are always looking for volunteers who have survived a suicide attempt and have a desire to help other survivors to keep going on their own terms.  The project is based on a peer support model so that any volunteer or paid worker will always be a survivor themselves.

We are always looking for locations in which to hold informal drop ins.  If you have a venue or a project and you would like us to come and meet some of your clients or service users, please get in touch with us.

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