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5+5 A DAY

"To Nourish and Educate young people, children and their families in achieving their 5+5 a day"

Who We Help, Why We Help & the Difference It Makes

The projects aim is to support communities where children and their families are nourished and educated on the importance of making healthier and safer choices in pursuit of realising their full potential. Promoting all the essential vitamins needed coupled with the five recommended daily intake of fresh fruit and vegetables. And most importantly the following five core messages:

  • Hand Washing – Oral Hygiene
  • Mental Health - online bullying
  • Climate Change & Sustainability–  “dome to dish tunnel to table " (seed to a feed program) 
  • Nutrition - meals prepared from foodbank products (The Kit Bag Project)
  • Exercise 

The 5+5 a day programme is built on an evidence-based approach of a program implemented in New Zealand. Therefore, I have spent the last 10 years devoting my time and money developing a way to narrow the obvious divide between the classes by providing  a relief of need to the 1 in 5 children living in relative poverty, including our working poor. I have nourished and educated thousands of children who were going to school with no breakfast in their bellies with no lunch provided to them either by the school. Thankfully, this is no longer the case in New Zealand, therefore, my campaigning eventually paid off.

I returned home to the UK to run the program and now my University studies are complete and I have a degree in Youth & Community Work I will be working tirelessly to launch the 5+5 a day pilot program through food banks and other agencies. The Coronavirus has had a devastating effect on everyone in the community and I further identified the immediate need to further educate people about the importance of hand washing which has been a core message of the 5+5 a day for 10 years.

Through partnership and sponsorship work a provision of hand sanitiser station and oral hygiene products and supporting resources. 

1. Healthy eating cooking project (predicted outcome parents will be invited along to the sessions). Lanyards carrying the recipes. Budget recipes.

2.  Exercise- ( Lanyards)

3.  Sustainability and recycling. Learning about the immediate environment issues.

4.  Financial literacy – Money management (cooking meals on a tight budget).

5.  Communication – bullying and mental health (website support and resources).

This information will be constantly updated. Moreover, there is a website under construction plymouthhelpaneighbour a platform for The Kit Bag Project

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What We Do

The 5+5 a day resources are available for other community groups to promote within their areas. This provides them with the tools to support the residents of their areas to engage in the 5+5 a day challenge.

The Kit Bag Project is a fundamental part of the CIC who will be working with food banks in the distribution of food parcels in reusable bags.

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The 5+5 a day CIC is in the start up stage and currently has one Director. Therefore, I will be putting a shout out for board members in due course. I can be contacted at [email protected] or via this platform.

Businesses can sponsor a hand sanitising station in a school or a doctors surgery.

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Additional Info

Through partnership and sponsorship there will be a provision of an eco-sustainable dome which is the core of the 5+5 a day programme or schools with a polytunnel we will implement ‘tunnel to table’ seed to feed program using the same unique growing method.

Hand sanitiser and oral hygiene products will also be provided. Resources and healthier option menus on a budget will be available to download and will also be placed in the sponsored branded kit bags. The programme will be supported by football, rugby, and other sports (as per NZ pilot programme with community partners).

Healthy eating and cooking project  parents will be invited along to the sessions with Lanyards carrying the recipes and other core messages

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