Charity (no. 1074897)

Helpline Volunteers - Coventry Haven Women's Aid

"To ensure the safety & empowerment of women & children subjected to Domestic Violence & Abuse"

Who We Help, Why We Help & the Difference It Makes

Coventry Haven Women's Aid (CHWA) has been providing vital support to victim-survivors of Domestic Abuse for over 52 years to help rebuild, transform and save lives.

Via a range of services,  we aim to empower survivors by offering a safe space where they can access assistance, advice, and advocacy services. We are dedicated to breaking the cycle of Domestic Abuse (DA) and creating a community where everyone can live free from fear and abuse.

Our service provision:  

  • Safe refuge accommodation with full survivor-focused support
  • Helpline
  • Community work
  • Drop-In sessions at generic venues
  • High Risk team
  • Court support
  • Legal clinic
  • Specialist projects such as Forced Marriage, Honour Based Abuse and Female Genital Mutilation
  • Award-winning Early Intervention Project co-located with the police
  • IRIS project (a GP focused training, support and casework offer which offers accessibility to victims who have no access to the internet or social media)
  • Award-winning Champions project
  • A significant in-house language bank
  • Sanctuary Scheme which provides extra security to victims who wish to stay in their own homes
  • Emotional support
  • Professional Counselling
  • Student placements
  • Volunteering
  • Training

 No-one should live in fear of the person(s) they love.

Our Services Are

Free Donation Appreciated

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What We Do

If you or someone you know, is affected by Domestic Abuse, please call our Helpline on 08001114998 or email: [email protected]

If you are in danger, please call the Police on 999; if you cannot talk, wait for the call to be connected and then press 55; the Police will attend.

We believe you, we listen, we understand and we provide options and choices. 

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There are several ways that you can lend your support to our organisation and our mission to help survivors of domestic violence and abuse, against women and children.

1. Helpline Support: One crucial way volunteers can assist is by becoming helpline volunteers. These individuals provide a vital lifeline to survivors in need, offering empathy, support, and information about available resources. Training would be provided to ensure volunteers are equipped with the necessary skills to handle sensitive calls effectively.

2. Fundraising and Events: Volunteers can also get involved in organising fundraising events or campaigns to raise much-needed funds for the organisation. Whether it's hosting a sponsored walk, a charity auction, or a bake sale, every contribution helps support the services provided to survivors.

3. Awareness and Education: Volunteers can help raise awareness about domestic violence and abuse by participating in outreach activities, workshops, or community events. They can also assist in delivering educational sessions in schools or workplaces to help prevent and address these issues.

4. Administrative Support: There may be opportunities for volunteers to assist with administrative tasks such as helping with office and donation organisation. This type of support helps ensure the smooth running of the organisation and allows staff to focus on providing direct services to survivors.

5. Advocacy and Campaigning: Volunteers can advocate for policy changes or participate in campaigns aimed at ending domestic abuse. This could involve writing letters to policymakers, participating in advocacy events, or spreading awareness through social media.

Overall, volunteers play a crucial role in supporting the work of Coventry Haven Women's Aid and making a positive impact in the lives of survivors. Their dedication and commitment help create safer communities and empower survivors to rebuild their lives free from violence and abuse.

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