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A Good Thing

"We make it easy for businesses to donate unwanted items to local charities, sending less to landfill"

Who We Help, Why We Help & the Difference It Makes

Matchmaking businesses who care with amazing local charities

We make it easy for businesses to donate unwanted items to local charities.

Let’s send less to landfill and more to a good cause.

The idea is simple

A business has something to spare…

Anything from a used laptop or some office furniture to surplus products.

A local charity has a need…

They have the ideas and dedication, but need the resources to make it happen.


We make the match!

All using our simple web app

It’s as easy as booking a room on Airbnb or buying on eBay!

A business makes an offer, local charities make a request, and a match is made.

Our Services Are

Free Donation Appreciated

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What We Do


Get free items donated by local businesses to help make your ideas happen. Find everything from IT equipment to meeting space.

We know what it’s like to run a charity - money and resources are precious, but so is your time. And you need to focus on the core services you deliver.

Our aim is to make it easy for charities of all sizes to get hold of the right sorts of things to help them achieve their goals.

It’s easy and completely free

Sign up using the app, and you’ll be notified as soon as a nearby business has something to offer.

Once you see something you need, make a request for the items. Once a match is made, the app makes it easy to coordinate with the business.

All you’ll need to do is collect what’s on offer, and put it to good use!

See how the app works or view live offers

Whether it’s laptops for staff, gifts for the people you’re helping, furniture for the office or even a place to meet, A Good Thing will connect you to local businesses that can offer you what you’re in need of.


Make a difference!

Does your business want to help create a more sustainable and equitable world?

While tons of business waste goes to landfill, local charities are struggling to deliver the services your community needs.

We make it easy for you to donate unwanted items to local charities, so less goes to landfill and more goes to a good cause.

 Every year, tons of unwanted business items go to landfill

According to a recent study, approximately 1.2 million desks and 1.6 million office chairs end up in landfill each year. The study couldn’t count the amount of IT equipment, branded merchandise, surplus products and other items that also go to landfill, but if it could, we’re sure the number would be heartbreaking.

To work towards a more sustainable world, we need to work towards a circular economy.

 Meanwhile, amazing local charities need your support

Our simple-to-use app makes donating as easy as renting a room on Airbnb or selling your second-hand phone on eBay. Using the app, you tell us what you have, where you are, what timeframe you’re working to and whether you have any preferences as to the charities you’d like to support. We then do the matchmaking.

We know this has to fit around your other business priorities. The app will do the hard work of finding a local charity that has a need for what you’re offering.

See how the app works

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We're looking for volunteers across the UK - Apply Now

Are you our next local Eco Champion?

At A Good Thing we’re passionate about the power of local – we know that those connections within communities are often the most powerful ones. That’s why we knew we wanted to get a network of local eco champions on board as soon as our pilot was over, and we had rolled out across the UK.

Now we need help! We would love to get eco champions on board across the whole of the UK – volunteers whose mission it will be to spread the word about A Good Thing within their communities.


They’ll chat to their neighbours, friends, colleagues, families, school-gate parents and dog-walking buddies, and let them know that A Good Thing is there for them when they need it. They might do this through door-knocking (popping into shops and local businesses in person) or through brilliant online networking (using social media platforms, for example).


Next time these people are clearing out their place of work, and have things to give away – they’ll know where to donate them. Let’s get businesses right across the UK sending less to landfill and more to a good cause.


However little time you have to spare, join us!

Connect with A Good Thing today to find out more

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Connect with A Good Thing today to find out more

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Additional Info

How it works

It’s very simple! (Think Airbnb or eBay)

✓ Business creates an offer

✓ Offer sent to local charities

✓ Charities submit requests

✓ Business selects a charity

✓ Details exchanged

✓ Charity picks up items (in most cases)

Connect with A Good Thing today to find out more

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