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#FPow – 4 Demntia Carers

This Weeks Featured Profile is

4 Dementia Carers 

4 Dementia Carers was created to support working Dementia Carers, whether former or current and no matter where the person with dementia resides. 

24.6 million people in the UK care for a person with dementia – about 40% of the population. – By supporting these colleagues, the positive difference seen across the organisation can be significant. 


4 Dementia Carers provide workshops for organisations.

These include zoom calls which take place weekly and Network groups which supports local carers and can provide a greater understanding and awareness within the community. 


Find out more, by clicking below, and join in with the opportunities to come together and share experiences.

Want to know more about aDoddle?

Whether you are in Lands End or John O’Groats, a rural village or a bustling city there may be a time when you are either looking for support, for somewhere to volunteer or a place to connect with others.

aDoddle is working to create both a UK wide map and a Network of ‘connected’ area-based community maps to bring together charities, community projects, groups and organisations, of all sizes, that provide these vital opportunities.

Making it ‘aDoddle’ to:

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Adding a profile is 'aDoddle' and Free

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Why is aDoddle unique?

All information is added directly by the charities, community groups and organisations themselves. They are encouraged to share:

The 5 key things that people want to know about your charity, community group or organisation - Who you help, how you help, the difference you make, the help you need and how to contact you

aDoddle adds to this by having a unique ‘Traffic Light’ system which instantly shows people ‘How fresh’ the information is. Giving confidence to the person seeking thier help or wanting to support them.

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