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Dyslexia Awareness Week

Each person with dyslexia experiences it in ways unique to them. Each will have their own set of strengths and challenges and tread their own path through life. Let's celebrate […]

National Grandparent’s Day

According to the National Grandparents Day website, the aim of National Grandparents Day is: To honour grandparents To give grandparents an opportunity to show love for their children's children To […]

World Animal Day

World Animal Day is an annual event on the 4th of October, celebrating #AnimalRights and welfare across the globe. It’s an important day and has been marked since 1925, with […]

Baby Loss Awareness Week

Baby Loss Awareness Week is held annually from 9 to 15 October. It’s a special opportunity to mark the lives of babies lost in pregnancy or at or soon after birth. […]

World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day 2023 is an opportunity for people and communities to unite behind the theme ‘Mental health is a universal human right” to improve knowledge, raise awareness and drive […]

National Coming Out Day

National Coming Out Day is an annual celebration which takes place on 11 October every year. Over the last few decades since National Coming Out Day was first recognised, we’ve […]

World Sight Day

World Sight Day 2023, taking place on 12 October, will focus on the importance of prioritising eye care in the workplace. Led by the International Agency for the Prevention of […]

World Food Day

Today is World Food Day and is celebrated across 150 countries. This year's theme is "Water is life...Water is Food". The theme aims to highlight the critical role of water […]