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Yorkshire Day

Yorkshire Day is celebrated on August 1st. Yorkshire belongs to the United Kingdom and was formerly known as the County of York. The name came from it being the Shire […]

Cycle To Work Day

The UK’s biggest celebration of cycle commuting is back on 1st August 2024! Whether you’ve never cycled before, not ridden in a while or cycle every day, #CycleToWorkDay is for you. […]

Single Working Women’s Day

Single Working Women’s Day takes place on the 4th of August. Celebrated annually, this day recognises and honours the contributions of single working women to society. It highlights their strength, resilience, […]

National Opportunity Day

Imagine a world where setbacks are simply stepping stones. A world where a change in direction is not seen as failure, but as an opportunity to discover hidden talents and […]

International Youth Day

International Youth Day on August 12th focuses on the difficulties that some young people are experiencing throughout the world. Half the children between the age of six and 13 lack […]

National Allotment Week

This year, National Allotment Week will run from 12-18th August with the theme of #Biodiversity Good soil health is widely accepted as a way to improve yield when growing edibles […]

National Non-Profit Day

National Non-Profit Day is commemorated on August 17 each year to recognize non-profit organisations’ ongoing efforts to serve the local community. If you’ve ever volunteered, you’re well aware of the […]

Never Give Up Day

On August 18th We Celebrate Never Give Up Day. This Day Is All About Cultivating A Mindset Of Determination The day not only applauds people for reaching their goals but also […]