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Community Project

Metamorphosis Open Cinema Lancashire

"We use film to enhance the ability of individuals to maintain and sustain health and wellbeing."

Who We Help, Why We Help & the Difference It Makes

We provide free access to film screenings and film-related events for socially vulnerable people to socialise and support each other.  Since our maiden screening we have shown over 160 films and helped 4125 individuals to reconnect with the community.  Consequently, we show a varied programme that appeals to a wide range of people.  Once a month, we have a book to film group. This group meets on the last Wednesday of the month to watch films that have been adapted from books and brings together people in recovery from addiction with the wider community to build greater community cohesion. We do this by breaking down barriers to integration for past addicts to develop the tools that enable and empower them to remain drug free and participate actively in their local community. The community cinema also builds a greater appreciation among the wider community of the potential for people in recovery to contribute to the community and increase opportunities for other local community organisations to work together. Over the last 2 years we have received some fantastic feedback that has encouraged us massively and helped us realise that we are making a valuable contribution to the local community.  Overall we believe that we have brought the community together through the medium of film. Without the community cinema this would not have happened.  Before the prevalence of televisions in every home, cinema was one of the great social past times.  Maybe one day with the work of our community cinema we can go some way to restoring the enjoyment of socialising with a film on the big screen.  

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