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Cohort 4

"Service user led women's support groups. We are women supporting women! "

Who We Help, Why We Help & the Difference It Makes

There is a sizeable population of women who experience significant disadvantage, with overlapping complex and multiple needs. Over a million women in England have experienced physical and sexual abuse in both childhood and as an adult.

Many experience multiple disadvantages such as homelessness, addictions, imprisonment , mental health conditions or those who just feel lonely and isolated.  

We are a peer support organisation for women based in North Warwickshire - coming together, in our community, to help other women, to develop skills, enhance social inclusion and to help women into emotional and financial independence.

Our Services Are


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What We Do

We are not counsellors or therapists, we are women who come together to support each other, to learn new skills and to enjoy opportunities in our own women safe community.  We offer peer mentoring to other women, advocate on behalf of women and support each other in a non judgemental and inclusive way.  We don’t ‘do to’ women, we do with women.

We meet fortnighly for our Thursday Lunch Club for food, friendship and laughter. 

We run craft sessions and offer accredited mentoring training to enhance the confidence, skills and lives of women locally. 

We help advocate for our women if necessary and have specialist volunteers from: domestic violence sector, housing, education and community work. 

We help women to access what they need from the community & give them confidence to move on to helping other women through peer mentoring. 

For more details please phone 0300 302 0484  or email info@cohort4.org.uk

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Anyone who can teach us new crafts could volunteer.

Register on easyfundraising to effortlessly help us to raise money whilst shopping online.  

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Additional Info

Some of us are independent professionals from criminal justice backgrounds, with many years of experience of working with individuals who experience difficulties with mental health, disability, addiction, financial disadvantage or other welfare related issues.

We are trained to use a variety of risk assessment tools to evaluate the specific level of risk in terms of domestic abuse. We have over two decades of experience in risk assessment and management. We are experienced in multi agency working and have had training in child protection and use of risk assessment tools such as DASH, SARA and other criminal justice based risk assessment tools.

We are a non profit social enterprise. Women focussed, user led and self determining. We are not linked to statutory services and believe that our women are the experts in their lives and know what they need to thrive. 

We are Women Supporting Women! 

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