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Poetry for Pleasure Dawlish

"To provide a monthly meeting place for those who enjoy and wish to share their love of poetry."

Who We Help, Why We Help & the Difference It Makes

Poetry for Pleasure is for all those who enjoy reading, writing or just listening to poetry.  We meet once a month at the Open DAW, Dawlish.  This is usually on the third Saturday morning of each month between 10.30 and 12.00.

We first started in Dawlish about four years ago.  We are an informal, friendly, group of all ages and backgrounds and welcome the sharing of member's favourite poems.  We also enjoy listening to poems written by our members. 

There is no joining fee or formal membership - people simply come along when they want.  As we pay the Method Church a monthly rental, we seek a small donation (£1 suggested) from those who attend at each meeting.   The main way the present organiser, Robin, keeps in touch with members is by email. 

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We hope that those who come along will enjoy the experience and receive encouragement if they are sharing their own poetry.

Additional Information

For those who wish to read, we generally go round the group twice at each meeting so we can cover a wide range of poetry.  Each month we select in advance a particular theme across the whole range of what poetry is about.   We always welcome new themes for the following month's session.

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