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CIC (no. 8837981)

PossAbilties Homeshare Merseyside

"We match people with spare rooms with people who provide 10hr/wk of practical help&companionship"

Who We Help, Why We Help & the Difference It Makes

All sorts of people can help and be helped by Homeshare from family carers, to single parents to older people and people living with chronic conditions such as dementia. 

One person gives their spare room and another gives 10 hours a week of help around the house (e.g. with cooking, shopping or cleaning) and/or companionship. It's amazing what a difference a simple thing like Homeshare can make. 

Homeshare helps people; get out and about more, make new friends, gain peace of mind, retain their independence at home for longer and access affordable, sociable accommodation.

We carefully vet potential Householders and Homesharers for suitability then match people with compatible interests and skills. Everyone has a trial period and the Homeshare team are on hand from start to end to make sure everyone's happy, safe and well.

Our Services Are

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You can also find us on Twitter www.twitter.com/PossAbHomeshare 

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