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Nutriri* Body Confidence and Mindful Eating

"Nutriri* pioneers work with all body sizes to end weight stigma and disordered eating."

Who We Help, Why We Help & the Difference It Makes

After decades of weight cycling / yo-yo dieting and not liking my own body; stopping myself from taking part in holidays and other activities, something told me I had to start a more compassionate group than slimming clubs offer.

We've had a little lottery funding and took part in the School for Social Entrepreneurs Dartington.  We started in Axminster Devon and now have a group of 40+ volunteers to train or be trained to open groups throughout the UK soon.

We offer a free-to-access online course https://nutriri1.teachable.com and run in-person groups and online groups, where we teach mindful eating and body confidence - to all body shapes and sizes.


We’ve been trained out of liking ourselves, haven’t we?; that anything, but slim toned and tanned, isn’t loveable or even worthy.  I’m amazed that after decades of loathing my own body I’m now easy in it. Personally - I’d still be happy to change weight to FEEL better, but certainly not driven by improving attractiveness or visual appeal (what anyone else thinks of my body is non of my business!). 

Nutriri* is all about gifting this mindset to anyone interested to have it, especially those younger - so they don’t waste their lives worrying about unimportant stuff.  The blocks/questions I consistently get are ‘isn’t this promoting obesity?’ ‘Isn’t thinner healthier?’ - no to the first! And not necessarily to the second.  

We pioneer work with full inclusitvity - diet clubs are for fat bodies; Nutriri* gets approached by all bodies asking for help with food and body image.

Our weekly groups (in-person & online) provide nurturing safe spaces; meeting members where they are, then coaching to enable their individual theory of change - without judgement.  Uncovering layers of diet beliefs to help find moderation through mindful eating practice.

The pursuit of thinness has damaged health on a mass scale; mentally and physically - definitely time for change ❤️ nutriri.org

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If you are, or know, someone who'd like to feel more at ease in their own skin and have more peace around food choices - then please get in touch

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