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a way with pain

"To provide information and support to those living with chronic pain, and to give people HOPE"

Who We Help, Why We Help & the Difference It Makes

Understanding chronic pain will always be a huge challenge as it is an invisible illness and not readily understood. As a Charity, 'a way with pain' will endeavour to provide people with a clearer understanding of chronic pain and the impact which it can have upon every aspect of a person’s daily life and also those around them. Often bringing with it huge life changes!

Our wish is for 'a way with pain' to become a fully comprehensive website which will continue to evolve and adapt as it progresses, creating awareness with valuable input from people living with chronic pain, professionals, and those affected by chronic pain.

When you are told that your treatment has reached the end of the line and that your life now is as good as it's going to get, it's a hard reality to accept. The consequences of persistent pain can often be that those affected lose their job, home and relationships. In fact it is suggested that around 20% of them attempt suicide at some point in time. When you have lost everything and nobody seems to believe there is anything wrong with you, it is a very lonely place to be.

The information given on our site will not cure chronic pain, however it may go some way towards helping people come to terms with their pain, and self manage it in a way which will hopefully bring back some control into their lives, enabling them to find a way forward……...

Above all, we want our website to give people HOPE!

Our Services Are


What Would You Like Now?

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  • We provide a comprehensive website which keeps up to date with events and the latest research & developments in Chronic Pain. Features include
    • Pain Tool Kit
    • Recommended Book
    • Psychology of Chronic Pain
    • Understanding Chronic Pain
    • Managing Chronic Pain
    • Occupational Health advice
    • Pain & Physiotherapy
    • Mindfulness
    • Help when your GP can't
  • We provide funding to research projects to improve the understanding and treatment of pain.
  • We maintain a welfare fund to assist people in particular difficulty as a result of their condition.
  • We offer one to one support.
  • We sponsor a local support group for those affected by Chronic Pain.
  • We have made 3 videos relating to Chronic Pain and distributed thousands of 'awareness' cards throughout the country.

Additional Information

If you would like to make a donation to a way with pain you can do so in the following ways:

Through Virgin Money Giving by the following link:    http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/charities/awaywithpain

Through Gift Aid please click here, alternatively, you may wish to contact us direct by clicking here.

Thank you for supporting us.

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