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ROC - Restore - Oldham

"Restorative Justice (RJ) undertaken by community members in facilitated meetings"

Who We Help, Why We Help & the Difference It Makes

ROC Restore is a form of Restorative Justice (RJ) undertaken by community members in facilitated meetings. The aim is to bring together victims and perpetrators of low-level crime, anti-social behaviour and nuisance in a meeting where trained volunteers use restorative or reparative approaches to agree on a course of action for those involved. Providing the perpetrator admits liability and both consent to coming together, a meeting or forum is held to consider the issues relating to the incident.

A ROC Restore meeting is made up of members of the local community as well as representatives of churches, faith groups and other professionals.

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What We Do

How ROC Restore works:

At the meeting all participants are given the opportunity to speak through structured discussion and express their feelings without interruption.

Each party can bring a supporter with them.

A date, time and venue for the RJ meeting will be decided on.

Everyone involved must voluntarily agree to take part.

The participants come to an agreement about the best way to repair the harm.

At the conclusion of the meeting, those involved sign a Community Restorative Agreement.

The Project coordinator will follow up the meeting with a phone call to ask if the agreement has been upheld.

How ROC Restore Works for:


The person harmed has the opportunity to:

  • Ask questions and get answers
  • Say how they feel about what happened
  • Receive an apology and an offer of amends for the harm done


The person responsible has the opportunity to:

  • Understand how people have been affected by the crime
  • Take personal responsibility for the harm caused
  • Take steps to address the harm caused
  • Make positive changes so as not to repeat the crime.

If you would like to know more about ROC Restore and how you can become involved please contact us (email in the contacts section)

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Volunteer with ROC

We rely on volunteers to make our projects work. If you are interested in helping out with a project, or would like to learn more about volunteering with ROC in general, then please sign up using the form here

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Connect with ROC - Restore - Oldham today to find out more

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