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Plymouth Beach Clean (PBC)

"Cleaning Coasts, Protecting the Ocean"

Who We Help, Why We Help & the Difference It Makes

Plymouth Beach Clean is a Community Group founded in February 2018 by Oleta an Environmental Scientist, Marine Conservationist, Marine Educator, Ocean Lover and most importantly Beach Cleaner! Plymouth Beach Clean exists; to help prevent our beaches from being covered in marine debris, to encourage people in the community to take part in beach cleaning and to educate people on social media and at events about the effects of marine debris on the marine environment. In the first year, this group has completed 50 beach clean events, supported by over 600 volunteers collecting rubbish from the coasts of Plymouth. We have had a beach clean in a snow blizzard and in the beautiful sunshine, we have had stormtroopers help us out and we have even had volunteers jumping into the sea to collect litter!!

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Volunteering to clean up the coast will help you live a more environmentally friendly life.

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Come and join the next beach clean, find the next events here: https://www.plymouthbeachclean.co.uk/ 

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