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ROC Cafe - Rathfern

"A Safe, Fun Place for Young People to Come & Build Relationships with Each Other and Receive Support"

Who We Help, Why We Help & the Difference It Makes

A ROC café is a safe, fun place where young people can come and build relationships with each other and receive support from positive adult role models.

Regular activities include: sports, drama, art, crafts and indoor games which help improve confidence and self-esteem.

A ROC Café is usually open one night a week, as an after-school or evening club depending on when there is the greatest need, which is often at the weekend.

It is run by local volunteers in partnership with local agencies such as the Police, Fire and Rescue Service and the local Council.

One of the benefits of a ROC Café is that it receives expert input from our partner agencies, which can lead to funding and ensures greater sustainability which allows it to thrive when many youth projects are facing closure.

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ROC Café Rathfern is a lively youth drop-in for teenagers aged 12 to 16 living in the Rathfern area of Newtownabbey.

The ROC Café meets on Thursday evenings from 7.30pm to 8.30pm in Rathfern Social Activity Centre. Each week there are a range of activities on offer – football, tuck shop, games as well as trips and special events.

The ROC Café is the newest ROC Café in Northern Ireland opening in November 2017, four months after ROC facilitated a ROC Conversation for Christian Communications Network (CCN) who were already running a youth club and job club in the area.

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