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Durham Grandparents Support Group

"Helping to allveiate isolation and loneliness linked to family breakdown."

Who We Help, Why We Help & the Difference It Makes

Our Grandparents Support Group was formed in 2005/2006.


As Trustees, Carol Winskill & I (Christina Ord Taylor) felt the pain of loss of a Grandchild or Grandchildren to be a Living Bereavement, and that because of Divorce, Separations, or other Family situations there would be other Grandparents going through the same emotional roller coaster we have experienced.

Our Services Are


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Our Group offers support by Trained Listeners, in a safe and comfortable environment, meeting others that are experiencing the same situations. We are a warm friendly Group that are non-Judgemental.

We offer one-to-one confidential chats, or some of our Group are happy to share the problems some Grandparents have experienced, or if anyone wishes to come along and just ‘sit-in’ that’s OK too. This is all done with confidentiality.

Additional Information

We meet every 2nd Monday of the calendar month between 12.30pm and 2.30 pm at

Lower Hall of St. Nicholas Church

Market Place

Durham City DH1 3NJ

We offer finger food lunch and is free of charge.

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