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The Friendly Bench

"Connecting the elderly, lonely and those with limited mobility to people, places and with nature."

Who We Help, Why We Help & the Difference It Makes

The Friendly Bench™ is a purposely designed and located kerbside community garden created to help tackle loneliness and improve the quality life for the elderly, socially isolated and those with limited mobility in our community by connecting them with others, with places and to nature. A welcoming place for all, the 3 core principles that guide The Friendly Bench™ are: Connecting people - Offering regular opportunities for social interaction, growing and strengthening social networks and improving well-being amongst older people and the wider community through friendship, events and activities organised by The Friendly Bench™ volunteers. Connecting places - Purposely designed and situated, The Friendly Bench™ provides a convenient and comfortable place for those with limited mobility to rest, helping them connect with local services and public places, whilst also encouraging independence and opportunities for people to participate in their wider communities as they choose. Connecting with nature - Enabling easy accessible interactions with nature, wildlife and the outdoors to improve users physical health, mental wellbeing, social behaviour and help improve self-esteem and life satisfaction.

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We can help people connect with their local community and make new friends. We have regular monthly events at The Friendly Bench™ where we invite local residents to join us for a couple of hours of friendship, fun and, of course, a cup of tea and cake. The Friendly Bench™ is also 'open' 7 days a week, 365 days a year and is an informal, inclusive place for all people to connect with others and make new friends at their own pace or to just enjoy the plants.

Additional Information

Due to the success of our first The Friendly Bench™ we are now looking to grow The Friendly Bench™ network across the UK. Partnering with organisations, local councils and community groups we would work closely with each community to to develop The Friendly Bench™ to cater for their bespoke needs. We can offer a full design, build installation, training to support set up and operation package, as well as funding solutions and advice, all they need to do is identify a suitable location with permissions. If there is an unloved, unused or misused public space in your neighbourhood that you'd like to see transformed into a vibrant community place that brings people together, get in touch and find out how you could join The Friendly Bench™ network.

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