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Granpart Northants

"Supporting grandparents who have little or no contact with their grandchildren"

Who We Help, Why We Help & the Difference It Makes

There are many grandparents who, due to circumstances very often beyond their control, never get to see their grandchildren.

The reasons can vary considerably. It can be due simply  to a falling out among family members, sometimes the parents of the children have divorced or have simply moved a long distance away.

In other more serious situations parents of the children involved may suffer drink or drug related problems, the children may be removed for safety reasons, in some cases fostered, meaning grandparents have no legal access to their grandchildren. 

The support group was first formed following a difficult situation I found myself in when it was made difficult for me to see my grandson. Things came to a head soon after his first birthday and I had no contact for nearly three years.

 When I started sharing my situation with other people it soon became clear that I wasn't alone, and that many other grandparents were suffering similarly, and like me they found it difficult to share what they were going through with other people who were not suffering

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What We Do

GranPart is designed simply to give grandparents who are going through this difficult time an opportunity to meet others in a similar situation. In an informal environment we chat and share experiences and can be empathetic and supportive to each other.

We welcome grandparents who have all kinds of reasons why they don't see, or have lost contact with their grandchildren. Sharing their experiences, crying if it helps make them feel a little better, smiling when remembering the good times, but never being judged by others who have suffered similar fates.

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Manning Watts House, Garners Way,Harpole Northants NN7 4DN


Friday 18th May & Friday 15thJune

Friday 20th July & Friday 17thAugust

Friday 14th Sept & Friday 19thOctober

Friday 16th Nov & Friday 7thDecember

All meetings run from 10:30am - 12:30pm 

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