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Charity (no. 1150436)

Reuben's Retreat

"Relieve the distress of families who have lost a child / have a child with a life shortening illness"

Who We Help, Why We Help & the Difference It Makes

We will support any child, their parents and siblings if they have a life-limiting and/or a life-threatening illness.

We will also support parents and siblings that have lost a child.

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Here at Reuben’s Retreat we support:

  • Children who have a life limiting and/or life threatening illness and their immediate family – parents and siblings.
  • Parents and siblings that have a lost a child.

We support families nationwide, so wherever you are you will be able to access our help and assistance.

Our support services are wide and varied and include:

Reuben’s Retreat accepts referrals for help directly from families, minimising the obstacles or barriers they face when trying to access support. We also accept referrals from a range of health, community and social care professionals and organisations.

We work holistically and take the lead from the individual on what support and care they need and want, our offering is huge and there is no other charity in the UK quite like us that offers the breadth of support and services with such a large criteria. Find out more about our criteria and who we help.

We offer a variety of support mechanisms ranging from person-centred counselling, well-being treatments and therapies, activity days for all age ranges including adults, therapy events, day trips, short breaks and support groups.

At Reuben’s Retreat one box does not fit all, every person is unique and the support they need is always tailored to their requirements.

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