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Charity (no. 1153593)

School Sports Trust

"Promoting sport and learning opportunities to the wider community"

Who We Help, Why We Help & the Difference It Makes

Following growing concerns regarding participation levels in sport amongst young people and a sense of apathy towards community values,the Trust was founded with the aim to encourage young people to use sport as a medium to interact, learn, nurture good habits and essentially develop a passion which will provide opportunities beyond their current expectation. Significantly, the Trust recognises that the environment in which children are now growing up is affected by the demands of a technological driven society largely shaped by a consuming media network. Whilst there seems to be pressure to achieve prescriptive guidelines in every field, the process of achieving, the definition of achievement, and the recognition of a responsibility beyond oneself have been forgotten.The Bath & Wiltshire School Sport Trust wishes to spread the message through sport that learning is about the process of personal experience; that opportunity to experience is the key to developing understanding. We wish to provide opportunities that raise expectation, nurture personality, and encourage an awareness of common responsibility so that knowledge and skills can be used in all areas of life.

Objectives of the Trust

1. To promote sport and learning opportunities to the wider community 

2. To place sport at the heart of the community by providing opportunities for involvement in sport for young people in Bath and West Wiltshire

 3. To work with individuals and organisations to establish strong partnerships which provide a platform from which to develop and deliver worthwhile and beneficial community projects 

4. To develop and implement forward thinking projects and initiatives which are in response to community needs 

5. To help organisations develop and maximise the use of community facilities

6. To promote the development of compassionate, independent thinkers who are able to contribute to the community

Our Services Are

Free Subsidised

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What We Do


Whilst BWB03 (the Bath & Wiltshire district schools’ football teams in U9-U15 age groups)
forms currently the mainstay of the Trust, it is our aim that we can apply the enthusiasm and
success of the programme to other areas so that more children and the wider community
can benefit from the charity’s work.

The BWB programme is unique in that its foundations are laid in its 4 values. These values supersede any discussion of football; we believe that in the pursuit of these four values, the football will take care of itself. We want our boys to be role models, boys who delight in learning and inspiration , demonstrating

  • Responsibility 
  • Curiosity 
  • Resilience 
  • Compassion 

In order to become a District Schools player boys have to participate in a series of three sessions during which the coaches select squads based on the four values and the four subject areas of the curriculum.

Enrichment trips

Enrichment trips take those selected away from the comforts of home; and through the experience of unfamiliar activities and settings aim to develop and test the Trust’s 4 key values: Responsibility, Resilience, Curiosity and Compassion.

Please see our website for details of past trips

School Registration

Bath and Wiltshire Schools Sports Trust will be hosting a number of school sports events for the academic year beginning in September. Running throughout the year, schools are invited to enter festivals and tournaments in football, swimming, tag rugby, hockey and netball. Shane Kiely will be leading the events and is available for further information on schoolsport2001@yahoo.co.uk

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Become a Sports Leader

The Sports Trust is keen to promote the development of young people aspiring to help other young people develop in their chosen sport, on and off the field.

The Sports leaders provision of the Trust challenges young people to show the four values of the organisation by contributing to the Trust’s activities.  We in turn support these ‘leaders’and give them opportunities to develop their skills and to gain their qualifications.  This can take the form of coaching, supervising, accompanying on trips, helping with administration, buddying, mentorship or match analysis.

If you are aged between 16 and 21 and interested in becoming a young sports leader, then please email info@bwb03.com

School Sports Trust Sponsors

The Bath and Wiltshire School Sports Trust is entirely dependent on voluntary donations; all our work relies on the generosity of our sponsors and the dedication of our volunteers.  Every charitable gesture and donation enables the Trust to provide the opportunities so valuable to the boys and girls living in the BANES and Wiltshire area, and we thank all those who have helped in any way.

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Additional Info

In 2017 The Trust also made 4 bursaries to support local school children from Bath and Wiltshire

who compete in their chosen sport at district level or above.

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