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Young Devon

"Making Devon a better place for all young people"

Who We Help, Why We Help & the Difference It Makes

"Young Devon changed my life when it needed it most. Thank you so much"

Young Devon is the largest young people’s charity in the South West. Our mission is simply to make Devon a better place for all young people. Each year we work with over 2,000 young people, building quality relationships to help them thrive.

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Quality relationships are the basis of everything that we do. Building quality relationships to help young people is our guiding principle. They sit behind everything that we do and are why our Skills, Accommodation, Wellbeing and Voice teams can help over 2000 young people every year.


Welcome to The Change Academy. This is how we give young people the chance to thrive by developing the ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ skills that they need. The Change Academy runs a range of courses that are best suited to them. These could be short courses, learning skills for life of longer, full time courses that can help lead them into employment.


Young people’s mental health and the impact they have on young lives have never been more prominent in the national debate. Our counselling services and training are nationally-respected and we have a long history of offering effective early help to many young people.


A safe place to call home is possibly the most critical thing which young people who are in crisis might need. We are here to help young people to develop resilience; this is much harder to do without the sense of security and support that a place to call home offers. If we can stop a young person from becoming homeless we will do everything that we can to do that. But when that hasn’t worked we are committed to improving the range, quality and amount of accommodation that we can offer to young people.


Young people are best placed to know about the challenges they face, the impact that they have on their lives and the best solutions for them. Young Devon places young people at the centre of its services and we work in partnership with them to make sure that their voice is heard by the people making decisions affecting them across Devon.

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