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Bootle Tool Shed

"Providing friendship and opportunities to learn skills in Bootle"

Who We Help, Why We Help & the Difference It Makes

Bootle Tool Shed was set up to meet the needs of the ever growing group of men aged 50+ who live/work/visit in the Bootle area. Although our target group is older men we welcome any age or gender to get involved.  

There have been a number of studies done in recent years on the effects of social isolation on this group in particular, and these studies show the need for social groups to be set up around a common interest and that’s what we aim to do here.  

Men generally find it more difficult to re-engage with those around them when they retire/are made redundant or if a marriage/relationship breaks down, or if they become widowed.

At Bootle Tool Shed we want to try to encourage a mix of generations as studies have shown that the skill sharing of these mixed age groups is a great benefit to all. 

Our Services Are


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We aim to provide a place that offers friendly, comfortable surroundings where people can come and get involved in a number of activities including:

  • woodwork & joinery 
  • DIY
  • furniture repair
  • painting
  • model making

or indeed, whatever the group or individual wants to do. It’s more about the inclusion than the activity, it’s this that improves the health and well-being of our members.

A Day In The Life

First things first we pop the kettle on and make a brew, before opening the doors for a busy day at The Shed… Our regulars arrive and get started on their projects ....

Our shop window displays a variety of products for sale – all crafted, repaired or up cycled our dedicated team of member volunteers. This brings a steady flow of curious visitors through the door to see what Bootle Tool Shed is all about.

The phone rings and its one of our many Shed supporters – this time a local DIY store who have some spare timber and supplies that they would like to donate.

Meanwhile, everyone is busy – sawing, sanding, drilling, painting – creating and making great stuff!

Next up, someone walks in and asks if we can build a be-spoke storage unit. We get the order sheet ready and take the details. We are lucky to have many talented Shed members who are confident to take on bespoke projects. 

Lunchtime and time for a well-earned break. A chance to grab a sandwich, a cuppa and a chat with our fellow Shedders. Not everyone joins to do DIY…. some simply enjoy the opportunity to drop in to say hello, we even have a pool table in the chill-out zone. Door opens and in walks a chest of drawers ( accompanied its owner LOL).  it’s not in the best state and definitely could do with a lick of paint – can we help? ‘Yes we can!!  – we regularly up-cycle items of furniture that otherwise would go to the Tip and end up in landfill.  This is great for the environment and challenges today’s throw-away society.

We’ve also had two new members joining the Shed today -one is a recently retired and another has been made redundant.  All our visitors receive a warm welcome to our community workshop. Some people call in to look round, maybe browse our stock and find a bargain, others ask for our help to build something bespoke, some want to get involved and join our DIY community.

Our next phone call is someone offering some unwanted furniture from a house clearance. Another chance to let our Shedders’ do their magic. 

Oh….is that the time already? As they say ” time flies when you’re having fun..” 

Time to put the tools away & lock up – but we will be back tomorrow!!

Additional Information

Join us

Membership is free to everyone aged 18+ 

All we ask is you

  • fill in a Membership Form – please contact us 
  • observe our Health and Safety policy 
  • respect our Code of Conduct

If you have any queries, please email us at info@bootletoolshed.org.uk

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