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CIC (no. 11401520)

Heart Felt Tips

"Enabling children to help less fortunate children, empowering both for their future life adventures"

Who We Help, Why We Help & the Difference It Makes

"When I was small I loved my pencil case. It opened up my mind’s eye. Today pens and pencils still play a crucial part in the lives of me and my friends. We’ve got jobs of all descriptions, which were started thanks to the creative ideas and doodles from our first felt tips.

Recently it dawned upon me that not all kids are lucky enough to have a pencil case. I hope I have found a way of helping this problem and nourishing a bit of untapped potential."

Jeremy Houghton, Artist & Founder

Heart Felt Tips is an initiative that organises for children who are suffering economic hardship to receive pencil cases packed with pens and other art supplies: creative tools that they all too often lack. 

We recommend that you watch the video here which explains why we do what we do and how it all works.

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We do not fit the 'conventional' model of a charity that provides support directly to the end users of the service

Helping You to Help Others

The pencil cases are filled by children at schools and clubs, and then distributed via frontline food banks and faith centres, ensuring that the most deserving kids receive them quickly.

Please see How You Can Help Us for more details on how you can help us help them.

Encouraging Social Responsibility

Along with teaching the importance of recycling and donating Heart Felt Tips also helps build empathy, enabling the luckier children who help by filling the cases to understand that there are people in their local community who are no different to them but in need of extra support.

Tips for you

Visit our website for tips on ways for you to get creative  - just click on any of the coloured boxed for inspirational ideas.

Additional Information

Note to Parents & Schools

Quality is obviously important to Heart Felt Tips and unchecked pencil cases reflect badly on both us and your school. Please help us by checking your child’s filled pencil case to ensure no rubbish or broken items are sent to the children’s charity. Many thanks.

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