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"Supporting those bereaved or injured on the roads & promoting road safety"

Who We Help, Why We Help & the Difference It Makes

Every day in the UK, five people die on roads and about 60 more are seriously injured, causing needless loss of life and inflicting terrible suffering.

We work to stop these tragedies and support people left bereaved and injured by providing essential support to people across the UK devastated by road death and serious injury to help them in their darkest hours.

We also promote road safety awareness and the UK’s flagship road safety event, Road Safety Week.

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Our work includes:

Brake helpline for road crash victims

Brake's helpline is a quality accredited, Freephone, confidential support service, providing information and advocacy, emotional support and a listening ear.

To speak to our friendly, experienced and professionally trained helpline team, call 0808 8000 401, or contact us via email at helpline@brake.org.uk. The helpline is open from 10am to 4pm Monday to Friday.

The helpline provides support for UK residents in the following circumstances:

  • if you have been bereaved or seriously injured in a crash
  • if you are caring for someone bereaved or seriously injured in a crash
  • if you are a professional, such as a police officer, teacher or health worker, wanting advice about how to help people affected by a crash

We will provide support whether the crash was recent or a long time ago, and whether it occurred in this country or abroad.

Support guides for road crash victims

If you have been bereaved by a road crash then the police are required to give you printed copies of  guides for bereaved adults and may also have copies of our books for bereaved children. If you have not received these, call our helpline on 0808 8000 401, to be sent free printed copies and access over-the-phone support and information. 

Promoting Road Safety 

Every November we coordinate national Road Safety Week, involving about 10,000 schools, employers and road safety professionals, raising awareness about road safety in communities across the UK. We also encourage people to make our Brake Pledge and use our road safety advice, to help everyone to use roads safely and sustainably. 

Free resources for schools

  • Our guide to teaching road safety has ideas for lessons and activities for children and young people aged 2 to 18, including some that can be run in assemblies or citizenship lessons, and some that can be incorporated into subjects like Maths, Science, Drama and English.
  • Pre-schools -  Hundreds of nurseries, pre-schools and children's centres run Beep Beep! Days each year using resources from Brake. These fun days teach tots and infants road safety basics while raising awareness among parents
  • Primary schools - Brake’s Kids Walk sees thousands of children aged 4-11 from across the country put their best feet forward to promote road safety and the health and planet-saving benefits of walking. Teachers get free resources to help run their event, including lesson and assembly slides, posters, banners and activity sheets.

Our Campaigns

Brake campaigns nationally and regionally, and raises awareness among the public, to stop road deaths and injuries, make our communities safer and greener, and improve support for crash victims. We won't stop until the carnage ends.

Additional Information

We also run a membership scheme, producing resources and running webinars and conferences to help fleet managers, employers and road safety practitioners

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