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Charity (no. 1163201)

Newfound Friends

"Saving lives and enhancing the lives of disabled adults & children with dogs. "

Who We Help, Why We Help & the Difference It Makes

We help save lives of the public by training Newfoundland dogs and people in lifesaving skills and also enhance the lives of disabled adults and children through interaction with the dogs. 

Every year, as soon as the weather turns warmer, young people drown while swimming in rivers, lakes and disused quarries. We aim to hold water safety awareness days to promote good practice, with the dogs acting as an extra attraction to the youngsters taking part. The benefits are huge: healthy outdoor exercise, confidence building, and social skills as well as potentially saving a life.

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Whilst you wouldn't approach us directly to save your life you never know when our services may save you or someone you love.

Newfoundland dogs have been the St. Bernards of the sea for hundreds of years and now they are helping to make lifesaving fun for the next generation of lifeguards.

We encourage disabled children to get involved working with the dogs as we believe it is good for their confidence and know that the dogs have a special affinity with our younger members

Each week a group of magnificent 14 stone Newfoundlands, the canine members of the Newfound Friends Society, arrive at a lake in the Cotswolds to hone their lifesaving skills along with their human lifeguard companions. The dogs are so enthusiastic about the training that it certainly rubs off on the young trainees. 

If you know someone who is disabled and may benefit from interacting with the dogs please contact us by phone 077214 75316 or email: pugnewfs@btinternet.com to find out how they can get involved.

Additional Information

All members of our group are DBS checked and we have a safeguarding policy which we take very seriously.

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