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Charity (no. 1143528)

Norwich Foodbank

"Providing 3 days emergency food to referred clients in food crisis."

Who We Help, Why We Help & the Difference It Makes

If you were in crisis - where would you turn? Many of us have friends and family to turn to when the going gets tough. But what if your family could no longer help and you had nowhere else to go? What if the kids were hungry, the cupboards bare and you’re not sure where the next meal is coming from?

A sudden crisis such as an illness, family breakup, death, benefit delay or redundancy can leave people unable to feed themselves and their families. Such situations can quickly deteriorate sometimes leading to relationship breakdown, housing loss, crime and health problems.

Norwich foodbank supports local individuals and families who find themselves on the edge of disaster through the provision of emergency food supplies. These supplies take the form of nutritionally balanced emergency foodboxes to cover an individual or family’s basic needs for 72 hours: the critical time gap before other support services kick in.

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We work closely with local care organisations whose professional care-workers identify people in crisis and give them a food voucher and refer them to one of our Distribution Centres. Here they are given a warm welcome, a hot drink and a foodbox and if they wish, a listening ear and help in finding other professionals who can assist them with the underlying problems that is causing their crisis. 

If you need help from our foodbank there are a few simple steps to follow.

The Most Important Step is To Get a Foodbank Voucher

Crisis food boxes are available to people who obtain a food voucher from one of our distributor organisations, listed here, across Norwich. 

If they feel you are struggling to put food on the table, they will issue you with a foodbank voucher. The local agency can also provide long term support if needed to help address some of the issues behind the reasons for your crisis. 

Bring Your Foodbank Voucher to Your Nearest Foodbank Centre 

See Other Information (below) for a list of our local centres and opening times.

When you arrive, we’ll welcome you with a warm drink and our trained volunteers will chat with you about your situation. We’ll also discuss any dietary needs you may have and exchange your foodbank voucher for a parcel of three days of emergency food. We’ll also help to support you in any other ways that we can. Most of our foodbank centres offer a cafe style environment and our aim is to provide non-judgmental support at the point of crisis.

We know that crisis can strike anyone and we also understand how difficult it can be to think about walking through a foodbank door. That’s why our foodbank volunteers aim to welcome everyone who comes to the foodbank with compassion, kindness and a listening ear. 

Meeting Your Needs 

Your foodbank voucher will be exchanged for three days of emergency food. We want to make sure that we give you the right food to meet your needs, so please do let our volunteers know if you have any special dietary requirements or allergies, for example, gluten free, halal or vegetarian and where possible we will accommodate those needs

Practical Guidance and Support

Foodbank volunteers take the time to listen and support you. They are specially trained to know about local services and offer practical guidance so that you have access to the right support, helping you to break out of crisis. If you would like more information on agencies that can support you or local groups that you could join, please speak to us when you collect your food parcel.

Additional Information

Our Distribution Centres

Please note we do not give out food at the address shown in the Contacts section which is our Head Office.

We have 10 foodbank locations across the city, you will receive the full addresses and opening times on the foodbank referral voucher.

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