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Charity (no. 1079585)

Relate Dorset in Verwood

"Providing relationship support for adults, children and young people."

Who We Help, Why We Help & the Difference It Makes

We help individuals, couples and families of all ages, backgrounds and sexual orientations in Dorset Wiltshire & Somerset to get the most out of their relationships.

Our headquarters are at Poundbury near Dorchester but we also provide a counselling service at Salisbury, Shaftesbury, Verwood and Yeovil.

Our Services Are

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The services delivered at each location depend on demand  but include some or all of the following - please click on the links for further details .

To find out more about any of the following services and if they are available locally please call us on 01302 380900 or email enquiries@relatedorset.org.uk

Relationship Counselling 

Whether you're having problems in your relationship or you'd just like to understand your partner better, talking things through with one of our counsellors can make a real difference.

Relationship Counselling is for everyone. Whether you're married, single, living together or apart, straight or gay we can help you strengthen your relationships. 

Family Counselling 

If things are feeling a little strained in your family it can help to sit down with a counsellorand talk things through together.

Children and Young People's Counselling

There are lots of reasons why you might need a bit of extra help with things going on in your life - problems with friends, parents teachers or in your love life. 

If you're not feeling like yourself, talking to someone who's not involved in what's going on can really help.

Web and Email Counselling

Using web or internet based tools is a convenient way to talk to a counsellor; Relate Dorset & South Wiltshire is now offering web facilitated access to a counsellor. 

If you are unable to travel to one of our centres or can't make the time, or unable to make arrangements for child care or even the dog, it's an easy way to fit a counselling session into your life.

If you and your partner live in different places webcam counselling is an easy way for you both to take part in a session from separate locations.

If you would prefer to engage with a counsellor and have the response available to you in an email which you can refer to at your leisure then email counselling might be right for you.

Support to Armed Forces

It can be tough for our armed forces keeping relationships together in these difficult times with diverse worldwide demands, increasingly long deployments, transition into civilian life, rollback from Germany to name but a few of the pressures.  This is why Relate nationally has been chosen by the Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force to provide relationship support and Relate Dorset, South Wiltshire and South Somerset is able to help you and your family in a number of ways.

Parents Apart Programme

The Parents Apart Programme is a short, structured course for parents designed to help them understand the impact of ongoing parental conflict on their children.

The programme provides advice and support about how to best help children in this situation and enables parents to take steps towards their own solutions.

Supervised Child Contact Sessions 

Our supervised child contact sessions provide a safe environment for children from separated families to have contact with their parents or other important people in their lives.  

Sex Therapy

If you're experiencing problems in your sex life or you'd just like to work on intimacy with your partner, Sex Therapy can help.

Additional Information

Data Protection and Confidentiality

Protection of your personal data and your confidentiality is critical to everything we do here at Relate Dorset.  You can read a lot more in a document that can be accessed from this link. 

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Relate is a charity and each session costs significantly more than the fee you’re charged.  We ask for a contribution of £54 for an evening appointment and £49 for daytime for Relationship Counselling, £60 for Sex Therapy, £60 for Family Counselling and £49 for Young People’s Counselling. If you think you’ll find it difficult to pay, you may be able to access our bursary scheme, and we can discuss this with you when you speak to our booking team on 01302 380900 or use the enquiry form.


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