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Charity (no. 1165381)

Baby Bank Network Exeter

"Redistributing pre-loved baby items to families in need"

Who We Help, Why We Help & the Difference It Makes

If you and your baby no longer need it, we’ll give it to a family that does. 

The creation of Baby Bank Network came from a motivation to help alleviate child poverty, support families in need at a what may be a time of financial and emotional stress, whilst reducing waste and promoting reuse of items. 

Baby Bank Network redistributes pre-loved baby items to families that cannot afford to buy them. 

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What We Do

We collect baby clothes, toiletries, equipment, cots, prams and toys that are pre-loved, and pass them on to families in need. 

We invite referrals from all agencies and organisations that are in contact with vulnerable families to make sure that they are provided with items to ensure their babies’ basic needs are met. 

We currently collect items for newborns up to age 1 and clothes, toys and books for children up to age 3 years. All items are given to recipients free of charge. Baby Bank cannot have direct contact with the families themselves, and we do not collect any information about them.

If you work with families that you would like to refer, please visit our Referrals Website and read our Become a Referral partner page for more information. If the page is blocked, please contact your IT support and ask them to unblock us. Thank you.

If you need help and would like to be referred to Baby Bank Network, please ask your health visitor, local children’s centre or other professional to contact us on your behalf.

Connect with Baby Bank Network Exeter today to find out more

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Baby Bank  needs your help! As little or as much time as you can spare can make a huge difference to our operations and ultimately the number of local families we can help.

We have many varied volunteering roles available. We need both people who can help regularly and people who can help with donation days and other events when they can. It doesn’t need to take up much for your time to make a difference.

Adhoc roles can be done by sparing the odd hour or two. Core roles require a regular commitment of 2-3 hours a week but are very flexible.

Training and support will be provided by the wider team. The most important thing is that we work together to ensure that the charity fulfills its purpose – to meet the needs of those families struggling to afford baby items.

In return we’ll offer an opportunity to:

  • Learn new skills or put existing skills to good use
  • New experiences
  • Meet new people
  • Help a great local cause in the local community
  • Make a real difference to local families in need.

If you are interested you can view our current roles or email us at volunteers@babybanknetwork.com

Donate Items

If you would like to donate items to Baby Bank Network then please follow this link to find out what items we can take and how to get them to us.

Are You A Business?

If you run a business, there are lots of ways that you can help us.

  • Donate goods in kind: sample stock, excess inventory, shop soiled or end of range stock
  • Offer commercial sponsorship
  • Print off flyers, thank you cards, labels, stickers
  • Advertise on your website/notice board
  • Donate stationary/envelopes/stamps
  • Act as a collection point, we have money boxes that we can supply
  • Donations bin
  • Specialist expertise and advice: transport, Valet prams etc

Please contact us at fundraising@babybanknetwork.com, and we will be glad to thank you on our page for any help that we receive.

Connect with Baby Bank Network Exeter today to find out more

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Additional Info

If you are not local to Exeter, please see this map of similar services provided by our friends at Stripey Stork in Surrey. If there is no-one near you, then we would be more than happy to help you set one up! Email info@babybanknetwork.com for information.

Connect with Baby Bank Network Exeter today to find out more

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