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"Supporting men in Scotland experiencing domestic abuse"

Who We Help, Why We Help & the Difference It Makes

Domestic violence or abuse against men is an issue that receives very little attention and as a result most cases go unnoticed. It has been estimated that 257,000 men in Scotland have experienced domestic abuse since the age of 16, equivalent to just over 10% of Scottish men. Yet in 2015 only circa 10,000 incidents were reported. Men on the receiving end of domestic abuse can be made to feel inadequate, or that they are to blame and may be too embarrassed to come forward.

We provide direct support to men experiencing domestic abuse, as well as helping to improve mainstream service responses and campaigning for further inclusion of male victims in the wider narrative on domestic abuse. We are the only organisation in Scotland dedicated to this cause.

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We provide a number of support services which are available to any man (or anyone who does not identify as a woman) over 16, in Scotland, experiencing domestic abuse. We work nationally to ensure that as much support as possible is accessible to such men. We understand everyone deals with situations differently and we tailor support to suit individual needs.

We also welcome calls from friends and family who may be concerned about a loved one. We will support any man (including trans-gender and non-binary people), whether in a mixed-sex or same-sex relationship. 

We know that it can be difficult to talk about domestic abuse, especially to a stranger on the phone. Our team are all trained and will meet your call with a non-judgemental and sensitive approach. You may have decided that we are the first point to disclose domestic abuse, but you won’t be the first person we have spoken to.  If you think you are suffering from domestic abuse we can help you take the first steps to ending the abuse. 

Call Our Domestic Abuse Helpline

Our Domestic abuse helpline for men is open Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm. Whether you want to take the first steps to dealing with an abusive relationship or just want to someone to talk to, give us a call today on 0808 800 0024

Calls to our helpline are confidential (unless we feel that you or anyone else is in danger of serious harm). You do not have to give us your name or any personal details. Our helpline is free to call from landlines, BT payphones and most UK mobiles (O2, EE, Virgin Mobile and 3). As our helpline is an ‘0808’ special Freephone tariff number, it will not appear on your phone bill. 

Get Help Locally

If you would like to find support in your local area we have created an interactive map to help. A large number of Local Authorities have social work and victim support teams which can offer support to men who are experiencing domestic abuse. Contact your local Housing Support Team by phone or in person for more details on what they offer.

Get Help Nationally

Please click here for details of national organisations that may be able to help you

For Young People

Domestic abuse is an incident or continuing pattern of controlling coercive behaviour (ie forcing someone to do something they don't want to. Can include the use of intimidation and isolation), threatening, degrading, and/or violent behaviour (this can also include sexual violence).

Abuse can also include psychological, emotional, financial, harassment and stalking behaviour. Domestic abuse is common and can happen to anyone regardless of gender, sexual orientation or age. It is possible to experience multiple different types of abuse, and is not limited to face to face contact, it can also take place online or digitally (ie over the phone, through social media or long distance). Please click here for more info including a great video created by students at BYNG public schools to raise awareness about domestic abuse and the experience of teenagers/young people in these situations

Don't become another statistic! If you are concerned you may be in an abusive relationship, please talk to a trusted adult or friend who can help you. If you want more information about relationships (healthy or unhealthy), abuse, or where you can find help, please visit our blog.

Additional Information


If you have ever used AMIS's services, we would love to hear your thoughts on our team and the support you were provided. Receiving feedback allows us to improve our services and identify what works best for our clients. Please click here for our online survey

About Male Domestic Abuse

AMIS staff and volunteers have supported hundreds of men and families overcome domestic abuse. From our experience, we have seen that there are no set criteria for experiencing abuse and it is largely influenced by a range of factors in individual relationships.

Domestic abuse against men currently does not receive the attention it deserves. We feel it is important that men's stories are shared to reveal a rarely heard side of domestic abuse, and show that it can, in fact, happen to anyone. Names are changed.

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