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Resources for Autism - London

"Providing practical services for people with autism and those who love and care for them"

Who We Help, Why We Help & the Difference It Makes

Resources for Autism provide practical services for children and adults with an autistic spectrum condition and for those who love and care for them.

Autism is a life-long condition that affects the way a person perceives and relates to the world. There is no cure for autism but there are many things that can make those with a diagnosis have a better and happier life.

Kind words from some of our families demonstrate the difference that we make:

For R this was an awesome week doing activities that were just right for him and things he really wanted to do. It was lovely for him to be doing things he wanted to do with the support that made them fun and accessible, reducing his anxiety. To be away from the difficulties of school interaction with all the problems it brings him I think really helped his self-esteem. It was great that he got picked to do the experiment at the Gunpowder mills!

FROM FIONA(parent of a 10 year old on summer play scheme in London

Our Services Are

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Individual Care Packages

We are aware that for some individuals with an ASC a package of care is needed and that an individual budget for that care may be provided. If you would like to discuss options for this with someone in the team we are happy to see if we can support you or steer you towards other support if not. All our staff are autism trained and all our services are autism focused. For more information please telephone Iris or Liza on 020 8458 3259.

Sibling Groups

We understand that being a sibling of someone with an autistic spectrum condition can bring real challenges. Mixed emotions, feeling the need to explain or to hide, feeling in the shadow or always having to wait all of these can be difficult. Parents try hard to ensure that siblings get the time they need but it can be difficult to balance all the demands. Our siblings groups in London and Birmingham offer a safe and understanding space for child siblings aged 7 – 14 to have fun. These groups are for siblings only not for the individual with autism and they meet once a month and they are led by trained and enthusiastic staff team. There is a small charge but no one is turned away. Groups get very booked up so please complete the referral form to get on the waiting list.

Music & Art Therapy

We offer autism specialist, HCPC registered arts therapists for adults, young people and children with a diagnosis of autism wherever they are on the spectrum. Music or art therapy can offer an alternative way of unlocking emotion and dealing with anxiety, and can help with communication, imagination and social interaction.

There is an initial four-week assessment period during which the therapist will work with you to establish whether music or art therapy is the right intervention for you, and to set aims for future work if so. Individual therapy is usually offered weekly for six months, subject to review. Therapy groups are usually for a set number of weeks.

There is a waiting list for therapy services and means-tested charge for sessions, but no-one will be turned away for financial reasons. If you would like a place, please fill in the referral form. For more information please telephone on 020 8458 3259.

Please note: Music and Art Therapy is only available at 858 Finchley Road. You must be able to travel to our North London base weekly.

Download our flyers: Art Therapy  Music Therapy

Behaviour Support

We offer a free specialist behaviour support service.This is NOT a diagnostic service but is there to help look at positive ways of managing difficulties in areas such as toileting, sleep, eating difficulties, transitions, sexualised behaviour and anger. We do not have a magic wand but we do have a great team with a huge amount of experience to offer and we will try to help or to steer you in the direction of others who may be able to help. In London and Birmingham we can offer home visits to assess what we might be able to suggest but we can offer telephone or email support anywhere and provide practical resources such as timetables and social stories by post. We have a library of sensory resources which may be useful for some people and can offer advice on their use. Please phone for more information.

Holiday Play Schemes

We offer specialist holiday play schemes for young people aged 8 – 19 in London and Walsall, 5 – 18 in Birmingham, wherever they are on the spectrum.  There is a small charge which is means tested and no one is turned away for financial reasons.  Please click here for more details

Play  and Youth Clubs

We offer specialist play and youth clubs for young people aged 8 – 19 in London and Walsall, 5 – 18 in Birmingham, wherever they are on the spectrum. There is a small charge which is means tested and no one is turned away for financial reasons. Please click here for more details

Reach Out Home Support

We offer both volunteer and paid specialist one to one support for anyone with a diagnosis of autism of any age. All staff and volunteers are autism trained. Provision is usually for 2 – 3 hours a week, every week for up to six months and volunteers and staff will aim to engage with the community, going on local outings where possible, developing social networks and creating a positive relationship. An initial home visit with a Reach Out Coordinator will assess how the service can be most useful. There is likely to be a waiting list to access this. The service is free for the volunteer befriending but if a higher level of support need is identified there will be a charge and this can either be met from private income or local authority personal budget allocations or a mix of these. If you would like a place please fill in the referral form.

Download our flyer: Reach Out & 1-1 for Families

Adult Services

We offer specialist groups for people with a diagnosis of autism aged 19 and upward wherever they are on the spectrum. There is a small charge which is means tested and no one is turned away for financial reasons. Please click here for further details

Additional Information

What is Autism

Everyone with autism is different and autism affects people to widely varying degrees and in many different ways, which is why it is described as a spectrum. Some people with autism may also have other associated conditions such as a learning difficulty, ADHD or mental health problems.

Please click here for further information and FAQ's

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