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Kinship Carers UK

"Promoting loving & supportive relationships between children, young people & their kinship families"

Who We Help, Why We Help & the Difference It Makes

There are 300,000 children in the UK raised by family and friend’s carers. These children have suffered similar adversities to those in the care system, yet the support they receive bears little if any relationship to their needs. There will always be a need for some children to be cared for away from their natural parents, so we are helping to create a world where every unique kinship family we meet is recognised and supported.

We champion the vital role of Kinship Carers, 'Connected Families' when they take on the challenging role of permanently parenting someone else’s child. Kinship Carers UK help kinship families succeed, we promote loving and supportive relationships between children, young people and their kinship families. 

Everything we do is designed to improve the day to day experiences of Kinship families by empowering and supporting them. We listen to what they say about their situation and identify, with them.  We believe that with the right help and people in their lives every kinship family can thrive. 

"Without the help and support from Kinship Carers UK, I would be a grandmother without a granddaughter. Kinship Carers provided me with the information and knowledge to apply for an SGO (and to know the difference between the different types of orders available). They supported me all the way through the lengthy and very emotional court hearings. 

Once I became a full time kinship carer the group have cocooned me in an envelope of wisdom, love and genuine concern. They let me know that I am not alone and that if I have a problem, or even just a question, that there is someone on the other end of a phone to help me. Kinship Carers UK are my lifeline to sanity!  I will always be grateful to everyone for their care and support."

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Our Services Are


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We champion the vital role of Kinship Carers, 'Connected Families' when they take on the challenging role of permanently parenting someone else’s child by offering the following services (please click on the green links for further information).

Support groups 

We run a number of weekly and monthly support groups offering advice, emotional support and encouragement

Bespoke Kinship care training 

Training for carers and professionalsDuring support groups we offer adults advice, emotional support and encouragement. Some sessions offered are bespoked training to carers on the following subjects:

  • Adoption support fund for carers with SGO orders
  • Internet & phone safety workshop
  • Kinship Legal Law Q & A
  • Mental health first aid
  • Positive mental health workshop
  • Protective Behaviours workshop
  • Understanding Attachment Workshop
  • Understanding the kinship law
  • Understanding FASD

Advocacy service and peer support programme 

  • Advocacy Service - Our advocacy service has been a lifesaving link for a number of kinship carers. We have supported carers in meetings with other professionals such as, child in need meetings, child protection meetings, family conferences, meeting with schools help both teachers understand this issues that the children face.
  • Peer Support Programme - The peer support programme has been very successful. Our experience has shown us that each carer has their own identity, their own story and likewise so have the children, we carefully identify carers that have a wealth of experience from their circumstances of life and encourage them to share, identify and support others. 
  • Useful information for Kinship carers
  • What happens when you ask to be considered to care for a child who is connected to you?Please note, this is a general guide as some local authorities operate on a slightly differently model.
  • Blog - welcome to our new blog page!

Kinship youth club 

The youth group offers kinship children and young people aged 6 -16 a place to engage with other kinship children, to meet friends, to have fun and to find support. Each session we provide a variety of activities such as:

  • Cooking – healthy eating, cooking for fun, health and safety in the kitchen.
  • Arts and crafts – therapeutic art and creating crafts
  • Imaginary play – Children are encouraged to let their imaginations take them to lands of knights, princesses, dragons to everyday play such as shops.  Children feel they are free to play at their current milestone without feeling judged.
  • Sports – Sports are fun we encourage team games, such football, volley ball, dodge ball, to less energetic games such table tennis to table football. 


We understand that being a kinship family can feel very isolating for both the carer and child.  We encourage families to get together in relaxing fun environments.  Our family activities have proven to be very popular for everyone of all ages. Each activity we provide gives families the opportunity to share family time together and enjoy each other’s company. These are some of the family activities we have provided:

  • Afternoon summer tea party
  • Bow Hills miniature railway family day out
  • Christmas meal
  • Christmas party
  • Glitter and Glue family fun days
  • Ice skating
  • Ten pin bowling
  • Live music event for the whole family
  • Multi-colour fun run
  • Weston Super Mare day trips 

Whilst it is important to have family time, it is also important for carers to step out of the role of carer for an evening and have some ‘me time’.  This year we have introduced an ‘adult only’ evening out at a local restaurant.  This has proven to be very successful and it is something which we are going to build on. 

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