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Charity (no. 1162624)

Second Thoughts East Yorkshire

"Promoting good mental health for people living in East Yorkshire through 1 to 1 and group support"

Who We Help, Why We Help & the Difference It Makes

Second Thoughts East Yorkshire (STEY) is a registered charity promoting good mental health across East Yorkshire, Hull, York and surrounding areas. The charity came about because of the lack of support for people once you get out of the more urban areas. For people with mental health problems, being listened to and having practical support is essential and we are here to provide that.

We take self-referrals and there are no forms or tests to take to access our support.

Watch our short video here to find out more about what we do.

Our Services Are


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Our organisation has several elements, all aiming to improve the quality of life for people with mental health problems and their carers. All services are free to participants.

Anxiety Management Support

We deliver group workshops, in small peer groups of 4 - 6 people over four sessions, each lasting around three hours one day per week. The sessions are confidence building, assertiveness, anxiety management and recognising your skills. We keep these small in numbers so that people have the time and opportunity to chat a little, rather than feeling overwhelmed. The workshops are delivered at various venues across the county.

Our workshops are designed to help people to regain some quality of life and social inclusion. The first workshop is confidence building, the second is assertiveness, the third anxiety management and the fourth valuing your own skills. They each run for about 3 hours over four weeks, one day per week (eg every Monday afternoon, or Wednesday morning). Sometimes, we run double sessions over two Saturdays, 5-6 hours each day. This is for people who would struggle to make weekday sessions because of work commitments or child minding problems.

Individual Support

If group workshops seem too much for you at this point, we are sometimes able to offer a limited number of one to one support sessions for people, but this is as a lead in to joining the workshops, not counselling.

Support And Information to Employers

In order to help people who are struggling with mental health problems, we also provide support and information to employers including mental health awareness, mental wellbeing through supervision and policy development.

  • Mental Health Awareness - Mental health is very important and we offer training and information for employers or other organisations on maintaining good mental health, and an overview of mental health problems and personality disorders :
  • Managing Work Based Stress - Holding on to paid employment is important for people and for employers. With huge costs to recruit, induct and train new staff, it makes far more economic sense to retain valuable employees rather than let them go because of the need for additional support. We offer bespoke training and information for employers. An introductory workshop is arranged followed by more intense workshops and cooperation if requested. This service may carry a nominal charge for companies, but is cost effective.

Support on the Move

Living in rural areas, public transport can be a barrier to accessing any activities and social interaction. For people with anxiety, depression or other mental health conditions, getting to where things are happening can be difficult at best, to impossible at worst.

Our other project is ‘STEY on the Move’. We have a minibus and we are going to offer to pick people up and take them to a woodworking unit in Hull, or a gardening project also in Hull. As the project develops, we will also look at other activities to take people to. There is no charge to any participants, for this support, nor indeed for any of our other projects.

Click here for more information on where we go and the interesting projects which are available for you to access. Please note that the logos are removed from the minibus before we pick people up, or drop them off, to respect confidentiality.

Self Help Groups

Since we launched as a charity, we have helped to set up self help groups running across our region which are now completely autonomous, run by the members themselves and independent of Second Thoughts East Yorkshire. Please contact us for more information about the groups.

Additional Information

What to do in a crisis

Please note that we are not a medical support or crisis service. Details of who to contact if you, or a family member or friend, are experiencing a crisis, can be found by clicking here

Please note also that we do not offer counselling.

Links to external websites

We have tried to include as many helpful organisations as possible. If you are a voluntary sector group or part of the NHS or Local Authority, please contact us and we will add a link to your website.

We are a small charity and keep our overheads very low. We hire freelance trainers and we are very flexible in our approach.

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