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Dads Rock playgroup - EH14

"Free playgroup for Dads/male carers and kids (aged 0-5)"

Who We Help, Why We Help & the Difference It Makes

Did you know? - We engaged with nearly 2000 people in 2017.

Based in Edinburgh, we run the only free, weekly playgroups for all dads/male carers locally.  It's a fun, positive and rocking place to be, for dads/male carers and kids. Don't worry if you're not musical! whilst the playgroups do have instruments, the main focus is on play. We also have a healthy snack, a story time and finish with songs.  The playgroups are open to kids aged 0-5 years. 

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Our Services Are

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Dads Rock offers practical family support to Dads/carers, children and families throughout Edinburgh, to ensure they have the strongest relationships they can. We want Dads confidence to increase so children have better care and relationships with their fathers. We help Dads understand how important their support is to both mum and baby and support young dads in learning to become a good parent. We do this through various services (Please click on the green links for further details)

Playgroups and Events

To check which playgroups are on/off this weekend, and what events we have planned in the near future have a look at our 'Calendar'.

Dads2b Classes

The free course covers topics such as ( the links will take you to the NHS site for guidance on each topic):

There are four two hour classes. Two delivered by an NHS Lothian midwife, the other two are delivered by the Dads Rock team, along with staff from Dr Bell's and also Circle Scotland. Classes are open to all Dads2b from Edinburgh, there are Dads2b classes in East, West and Mid Lothian also.  

Young Dads

There are over 1000 Young Dads (aged 16-25) in Edinburgh yet we are one of only two organisations that directly support this group. Our aim is to give the young men the skills and confidence to enjoy the experience of being a father. Each young man has different skills and needs. Our Young Dads program is a 1:1 service tailored to the individual. First we get to know the man and his situation, then develop a program with them to build their confidence and range of skills. Some of the support package is direct from Dads Rock, other aspects may be provided by external organisations with specific expertise.

School Engagement

Secondary Schools - Over 80% of men will become fathers at some point in their life. Whilst this is a huge percentage, there is very little in life that prepares young men for becoming dads. The aim of our work in Secondary schools is to address this by starting the conversation on what it means to be a Dad today. 

Primary Schools - We know that a great Dad can play a vital role in their child's education.Dads need to be involved and sometimes encouraged to come into school and spend time with their children. We want to help schools and families break down barriers, and make them more father friendly. If you work in a school, or have a child at Primary and would like us to come work with you, then please get in touch, email Thomas@dadsrock.org.uk.

Dad's Stuff

Being a Dad can be brilliant, from time to time we all need somewhere to go for ideas of things to do with our children, so we thought it would help to collate info on some of our favourites to help you out. (Of course you can also come to our playgroups!)

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